Mapping multiple literacies : an introduction to Deleuzian literacy studies


Mapping multiple literacies : an introduction to Deleuzian literacy studies

Diana Masny and David R. Cole ; [foreword by Claire Colebrook]

Continuum, c2012

  • : hardcover

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MappingMultiple Literaciesbrings together the latest theory and research in the fields of literacy studyand European philosophy, Multiple Literacies Theory (MLT) and the philosophicalwork of Gilles Deleuze. It frames the process of becoming literate as a fluidprocess involving multiple modes of presentation, and explains these processesin terms of making maps of our social lives and ways of doing things together.For Deleuze, language acquisition is a social activityof which we are a part, but only one partamongst many others..Masny and Cole draw on Deleuze's thinking to expand the repertoires of literacyresearch and understanding. They outline how we can understand literacy as asocial activity and map the ways in which becoming literate may take hold andtransform communities. The chapters in this book weave together theory, dataand practice to open up a creative new area of literacy studies and to provokevigorous debate about the sociology of literacy.


  • 1. Introduction to Mapping Multiple Literacies
  • 2. Cartographies of Multiple Literacies (MLT)
  • 3. Mapping Literacies with Affect
  • 4. Groups Talking - Collective Enunciation
  • 5. What is Reading? How Does Reading Happen?
  • 6. Mapping Power and Literacies
  • 7. Mapping the Literacy of Digital Futures
  • 8. Conclusion
  • References
  • Index.

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