Studies in medieval and Renaissance literature


Studies in medieval and Renaissance literature

by C.S. Lewis ; edited by Walter Hooper

(Canto classics)

Cambridge University Press, 2013

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First published: 1966

Includes bibliographical references and index



C. S. Lewis's Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature is a collection of fourteen fascinating essays, half of which were never published in Lewis's lifetime. The first three provide a general introduction to medieval literature whilst the remaining essays turn to the works of major writers such as Dante (The Divine Comedy), Malory (Le Morte d'Arthur), Spenser (The Faerie Queene) and Milton (Comus). Lewis's insightful yet accessible writing will captivate anyone with an interest in medieval and Renaissance literature.


  • Preface Walter Hooper
  • 1. De Audiendis Poetis
  • 2. The genesis of a medieval book
  • 3. Imagination and thought in the Middle Ages
  • 4. Dante's similes
  • 5. Imagery in the last eleven cantos of Dante's Comedy
  • 6. Dante's statius
  • 7. The Morte d'Arthur
  • 8. Tasso
  • 9. Edmund Spenser, 1552-99
  • 10. On reading The Faerie Queene
  • 11. Neoplatonism in the poetry of Spenser
  • 12. Spenser's cruel Cupid
  • 13. Genius and genius
  • 14. A note on Comus
  • Additional editorial notes
  • Index.

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