Tagore and the feminine : a journey in translations


Tagore and the feminine : a journey in translations

edited by Malashri Lal

Sage Publications India, 2015

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book presents a range of Rabindranath Tagore's creative works, including translations of short stories, essays, poems, memoirs, songs and plays from his vast corpus to show his conception of the feminine and gender identity that are relevant even today. The editor establishes the search for Tagore's engagement with the feminine as subject and agency, character and voice, philosophy and politics in this book. There is rich cultural interplay as Tagore muses over the contrasting social position of women in the `East' and the `West'. He relies on Indian traditions to understand them in the context of domestic ethics, marital institutions, parenting, empowerment, aesthetics and gender politics. The book includes new translations while presenting fresh insights into previously published works.


AcknowledgementsIntroduction - Malashri LalRe-writing Tagore: Translation as performance - Radha ChakravartyMEMOIRSChildhood (from Chhelebela) - Dipannita DattaMy life in my words (from Jeevansmriti) - Uma DasguptaLETTERSTo Mrinalini Debi - Malashri LalTo Victoria Ocampo - Ketaki Kushari DysonTo Indira Devi Chaudhurani, Sarojini Naidu, Maria Montessori and Margaret Sanger - Krishna Dutta and Andrew RobinsonFROM GITANJALIThe child who is decked with prince's robes (No. 8)Where dost thou stand behind (No. 41)I thought I should ask of thee (No. 52)On the slope of the desolate river (No. 64)She who ever had remained in the depth of my being (No. 66)In desperate hope I go and search for her (No. 87)POEMSBodily union (Deher Milan) - Malashri LalWoman unclothed (Bibashana) - Malashri LalBreasts (Staun) - Malashri LalThe kiss (Chumban) - Malashri LalElder sister (Didi) - Malashri LalDream (Swapna) - Ketaki Kushari DysonWhen the ocean of creation (Kon kshane srijaner samudramanthane) - Soham PainFreedom (Mukti) - Sanjukta DasguptaGetting lost (Hariye jaoa) - Sanjukta DasguptaRemembering (Mone pora) - Uma DasguptaLast spring (Shesh basanta) - Charu ChowdhuryThe image (Chhabi) - Charu ChowdhuryThe guest (Atithi) - Soham PainWoman empowered (Sabala) - Sukanta ChaudhuriOrdinary woman (Sadharan meye) - Jadu SahaSanthal girl (Saontal meye) - Malashri LalThe earth (Prithibi) - Joyasree MukerjiSONGSShe sits by the window (O janalar kachhe boshe) - Aruna ChakravartiFriend, dear friend (Olo sai) - Aruna ChakravartiThe sky resounds to our Mother's call (Amra milechhi aj mayer dake) - Aruna ChakravartiWhosoever may abandon you (Je tomay chhare chharuk) - Sanjukta DasguptaMother, will you send your own son (Ma, ki tui porer dware pathabi) - Sanjukta DasguptaO auspicious bride (Sumangali badhu) - Malashri LalKrishnakali (Krishnakali) - Soham PainI am Chitrangada (Ami Chitrangada rajendro nondini) - Reba SomShe who dwelt in secret (Ei sharat alo-r kamol bane) - Aruna ChakravartiEPICS AND MYTHOLOGYA vision of India's history - Rabindranath TagoreUrbashi (Urbashi) - Charu ChowdhuryDialogue between Kama and Kunti (Karna-Kunti sambad) - Ketaki Kushari DysonKacha and Devayani (Bidaay abhisaap) - Rabindranath TagoreThe mother's prayer (Gandharir abedan) - Rabindranath TagorePLAYChitra (Chitra) - Rabindranath TagoreSHORT STORIESProfit and loss (Denapaona) - William RadiceThe housewife (Ginni) - Soham PainKabuliwala (Kabuliwallah) - Malobika ChaudhuriMahamaya (Mahamaya) - Malashri LalThe girl between (Madhyabartini) - Krishna Dutta and Mary LagoGiribala (Manbhanjan) - Rabindranath TagoreThe visitor (Atithi) - Malobika ChaudhuriFalse hope (Durasha) - William RadiceThe wife's letter (Streer patra) - Supriya ChaudhuriHaimanti (Haimanti) - Joyasree MukerjiThe story of the Muslim woman (Musalmanir galpa) - Swapan Kumar BanerjeeESSAYS, LECTURES AND LETTERS TO THE EDITORThe Indian ideal of marriage - Rabindranath TagoreWoman (from Personality) - Rabindranath TagoreWoman and home - Rabindranath TagoreTRAVELOGUESEpistles from Europe (Europe-probashir patra) - Soham PainTravel Diary from Japan (Japan jatrir diary) - Soham PainEPILOGUEThe path of your creation (Tomar srishtir path) - Supriya ChaudhuriIndex

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