Retirement in Japan and South Korea : the past, the present and the future of mandatory retirement



Retirement in Japan and South Korea : the past, the present and the future of mandatory retirement

edited by Masa Higo and Thomas R. Klassen

Routledge, 2015

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book analyses reforms to retirement policies in Japan and South Korea, especially in the context of rapid population ageing. A defining feature of the labour markets and workplaces in these two nations, and the lives of workers and families, is involuntary retirement at relatively young ages. The book explains past developments and recent reforms of retirement policies both in the two countries, as well as in a cross-national comparative manner. At the core of the book is an examination of the social, economic and political conflicts around retirement, such as between younger and older workers, between employers and governments, and between employers and workers. The policy recommendations offered apply not only to Japan and South Korea, but also to other nations such as China. The volume is of value particularly for those interested in labour markets and workplaces, population ageing and contemporary East Asia, in addition to those studying retirement and pensions. Policymakers, business leaders, worker organizations, researchers and students will benefit from the insights about the past, present and future of retirement.


1. Retirement in Japan and Korea in an Era of Rapid Population Ageing, Masa Higo and Thomas R. Klassen 2. Development of the `Productivist' Welfare Regimes in Japan and Korea, Sophia Seung-yoon Lee 3. Mandatory Retirement in Japan: An Overview of the Past and Present, Atsuhiro Yamada and Masa Higo 4. Experiencing Mandatory Retirement: The Perspective of Older Workers in Japan, Masa Higo 5. Mandatory Retirement in Korea: An Overview of the Past and Present, JeungKun Kim and Thomas R. Klassen 6. Experiencing Mandatory Retirement: The Case of Older Workers in Korea, Kyung Ah Shin 7. Aging Challenges in China's Workforce: Demographic Projections, Labor Market Dynamics and Solutions, Barbara McIntosh and Chun Zhang 8. The Move to Abolish Mandatory Retirement Age: The Case of the United Kingdom, George W. Leeson and Hafiz T.A. Khan 9. The Future of Mandatory Retirement: A Japan-Korea Comparison and Policy Lessons, Thomas R. Klassen and Masa Higo

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