Constitutional and administrative law


Constitutional and administrative law

John Alder

(Palgrave law masters)

Palgrave, 2015

10th ed

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Previous ed.: 2013

"Macmillan Education"

Includes bibliographical references and index



This tenth edition of Constitutional and Administrative Law has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent developments. Providing a thorough and accessible introduction to the basic legal principles of the UK constitution, the text is an ideal companion for both law undergraduate and GDL/CPE students. Useful features include end of chapter summaries, self-test exercises and suggestions for further reading. A companion website featuring updates on the latest developments can be found at:


PART I: THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CONSTITUTION.- 1. Introduction: Constitutional Structures.- 2. Underlying Political Traditions.- 3. The Sources of the Constitution.- 4. Historical Landmarks.- 5. An Overview of the Main Institutions of the Constitution.- PART II FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES.- 6. The Rule of Law.- 7. The Separation of Powers.- 8. Parliamentary Sovereignty.- PART III INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE CONSTITUTION.- 9. The State and the Outside World.- 10. The European Union.- PART IV: GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS.- 11. Parliament: Constitutional Position.- 12. The Composition of Parliament and Parliamentary Elections.- 13. Parliamentary Procedure.- 14. The Crown.- 15. Ministers and Departments.- 16. Devolution.- PART V: ADMINISTRATIVE LAW.- 17. The Grounds of Judicial Review, I: Illegality and Ultra Vires.- 18. The Grounds of Judicial Review, II: Beyond Ultra Vires.- 19. Judicial Review Remedies.- 20. Administrative Justice.- PART VI: FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS 21. Human Rights and Civil Liberties.- 22. The Human Rights Act 1998.- 23. Freedoms of Expression and Assembly.- 24. Exceptional Powers: Security, State Secrecy and Emergencies.

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