Non-tariff barriers, regionalism and poverty : essays in applied international trade analysis


Non-tariff barriers, regionalism and poverty : essays in applied international trade analysis

L. Alan Winters

(World scientific studies in international economics / series editor, Robert M. Stern, v. 44)

World Scientific, c2015

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Non-Tariff Barriers, Regionalism and Poverty is a collection of key articles in three important areas of applied international trade research: measuring non-tariff barriers and their effects, the consequences of regional trading arrangements, especially on the countries excluded from them, and the connection between international trade and poverty. Drawing from 30 years of research and experience, L Alan Winters illustrates the development of techniques of this field and his continued commitment to answering real policy questions at the times at which they are debated. The collection shows the ways in which economic and econometric analysis can be used to answer real-world problems rigorously in the area of international trade and trade policy. Readers will find that some of the research included is of current methodological relevance and some of more historical significance. This volume is invaluable to anyone who is keen on developing their knowledge on trade policy, regionalism or poverty - three pressing issues in today's globalized world.


  • Introduction
  • Non-Tariff Barriers: The Extent of Industrial Countries' Non-Tariff Barriers to International Trade
  • Digging for Victory: Agricultural Policy and National Security
  • Labour Adjustment Costs and British Footwear Protection
  • Do Exporters Gain from VERs?
  • VERs and Expectations: Extensions and Evidence
  • Voluntary Export Restraints and Rationing: UK Leather Footwear Imports from Eastern Europe
  • Regionalism: Separability and the Specification of Foreign Trade Functions
  • British Imports of Manufactures and the Common Market
  • Trade and Economic Geography: The Impact of EEC Accession on the UK
  • Integration and the Rest of the World: The Irrelevance of the Kemp-Wan Theorem
  • How Regional Blocs Affect Excluded Countries: The Price Effects of MERCOSUR
  • Trade and Poverty: Trade Liberalisation and Economic Performance: An Overview
  • Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: The Evidence So Far
  • Trade, Trade Policy and Poverty: What Are The Links?
  • Why Isn't the Doha Development Agenda More Poverty Friendly?
  • Trade Liberalisation and Poverty Dynamics in Vietnam
  • Agricultural Trade Liberalisation and Poverty Dynamics in Three Developing Countries
  • Trade as Engine of Creative Destruction: The Mexican Experience with Chinese Competition.

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