Advances in control system technology for aerospace applications


    • Feron, Eric


Advances in control system technology for aerospace applications

Eric Feron, editor

(Lecture notes in control and information sciences, v. 460)

Springer, c2016

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This book is devoted to Control System Technology applied to aerospace and covers the four disciplines Cognitive Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research, and Servo-Mechanisms. This edited book follows a workshop held at the Georgia Institute of Technology in June 2012, where the today's most important aerospace challenges, including aerospace autonomy, safety-critical embedded software engineering, and modern air transportation were discussed over the course of two days of intense interactions among leading aerospace engineers and scientists. Its content provide a snapshot of today's aerospace control research and its future, including Autonomy in space applications, Control in space applications, Autonomy in aeronautical applications, Air transportation, and Safety-critical software engineering.


Spacecraft Autonomy Challenges for Next-Generation Space Missions.- New Guidance, Navigation and Control Technologies for Formation Flying Spacecraft and Planetary Landing.- Aircraft Autonomy.- Challenges in Aerospace Decision & Control: Air Transportation Systems.- From Design to Implementation: an Automated, Credible Auto coding Chain for Control Systems.

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