Handbook of water economics


Handbook of water economics

edited by Ariel Dinar and Kurt Schwabe

Edward Elgar, c2015

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This comprehensive Handbook explores the role that economics plays in water resource use, management, and policy. The contributors cover a continuum of topics that individually and jointly represent the state of the art of water economics. Leading scholars demonstrate ways in which economic theory, tools, and analyses have been used to address a variety of water-related issues over the years and, subsequently, to create better-informed policy and management decisions. Acknowledging and building upon the seminal research related to water economics, this book offers a current and provocative exploration of a variety of topics, including: * the role of institutions in developing sound water policy and water sustainability * extraction, production, and use of surface water, groundwater, and recycled water, including the conjunctive use of these resources * the use of water in industrial, residential, agricultural, and hydropower sectors as well as for the environment and ecosystems * the role of experimental economics; methods to address climate change effects and adaptation; developments in the field of nonmarket valuation; approaches to nonpoint source pollution control and salinity pollution; issues related to water in the developing world; water and economic growth; and management of international water. The Handbook of Water Economics will prove to be an enlightening, thought-provoking, and practical read for PhD students, researchers in water economics and management, water-related agency staff, and professionals interested in water-related economic issues at the local, state, national, and international levels.


Contents: 1. Introduction Ariel Dinar and Kurt Schwabe PART I CONCEPTS AND THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS 2. Institutions and Water William K. Jaeger 3. Sustainability Economics of Groundwater Usage and Management Keith C. Knapp and Bradley Franklin 4. Concepts and Methods for Assessing Economic Impacts from Climate Change on Water Resources Brian H. Hurd PART II SECTORAL FOCUS 5. Agricultural Water Management Sarah Ann Wheeler, Rosalind Bark, Adam Loch and Jeff Connor 6. Economic Analysis of Industrial Water Use Steven Renzetti 7. Residential Water Management: An Economic Perspective on Policy Instruments V. Kerry Smith and Min-Qiang (Kent) Zhao 8. The Use of Ecosystem Services Approach in Guiding Water Valuation and Management: Inland and Coastal Waters Phoebe Koundouri and Osiel Gonzalez Davila 9. Incentivizing Interdependent Resource Management: Watersheds, Groundwater and Coastal Ecology Kimberly Burnett, Sittidaj Pongkijvorasin, James Roumasset and Christopher A. Wada 10. Hydropower Management: Electricity Versus other Values Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kristroem 11. Water, Land Use and Environmental Aspects of Biofuel Production David Zilberman and Scott Kaplan 12. The Economic Sustainability Paradigm and Fresh Water and Marine Fisheries Governance R. Quentin Grafton and Dale Squires PART III WATER SOURCES 13. Economics of Surface Water Management: A Review Frank A. Ward 14. Wastewater Management and Reuse Francesc Hernandez-Sancho and Maria Molinos-Senante PART IV ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO VALUING WATER 15. Experimental Economics and Water Resources Hernan Bejarano and James Shortle 16. Nonmarket Valuation and Water Resource Management Richard T. Carson PART V WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT 17. Model-based Regulation of Nonpoint Source Emissions Kenneth A. Baerenklau and Jingjing Wang 18. Salinity and Groundwater Management: A Hydro-economic Analysis Kurt Schwabe and Keith C. Knapp PART VI ADDRESSING WATER SCARCITY 19. Water Markets: From Theory to Practice (With Focus on the USA) Kristiana Hansen 20. Water Conservation: Thinking Beyond the Tap Diane DuPont 21. Conjunctive Management of Water Resources in Agriculture Yacov Tsur PART VII TRANSBOUNDARY WATER MANAGEMENT 22. Joint Management of International Water Bodies under Scarcity and Variability Ariel Dinar 23. The Economics of Transboundary Water Management Erik Ansink and Harold Houba PART VIII WATER IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD 24. Water and Sanitation Economics: Reflections on Application to Developing Economies Dale Whittington and Subhrendu K. Pattanayak 25. Water and Growth in Developing Countries Edward B. Barbier Index

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