Phenomenology of thinking : philosophical investigations into the character of cognitive experiences



Phenomenology of thinking : philosophical investigations into the character of cognitive experiences

edited by Thiemo Breyer and Christopher Gutland

(Routledge research in phenomenology, 4)

Routledge, 2016

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This book draws connections between recent advances in analytic philosophy of mind and insights from the rich phenomenological tradition concerning the nature of thinking. By combining both analytic and continental approaches, the volume arrives at a more comprehensive understanding of the mental process of "thinking" and the experience and manipulation of objects of thought. Contributors scrutinize aspects of thinking that have a common grounding in both the phenomenological and analytic tradition: perception, language, logic, embodiment and situatedness due to individual history or current experience. This collection serves to broaden and enrich the current debate over "cognitive phenomenology," and lays the foundations for further dialogue between analytic and continental approaches to the phenomenal character of thinking.


Introduction Thiemo Breyer, University of Cologne & Christopher Gutland, University of Freiburg 1. The Character of Cognitive Phenomenology Uriah Kriegel, Institut Jean Nicod 2. Empty Intentions and Phenomenological Character: A Defence of Inclusivism Walter Hopp, Boston University 3. Phenomenally Thinking About This Individual David Woodruff Smith, University of California 4. Attitudinal Coginitive Phenomenology and the Horizon of Possibilities Marta Jorba, University of Girona 5. The Sense of Natural Meaning in Conscious Inference Anders Nes, University of Oslo 6. The "As-Structure" of Intentional Experience in Husserl and Heidegger Maxime Doyon, Universite de Montreal 7. The Practice of Thinking: Between Dreyfus and McDowell Shaun Gallagher, University of Memphis 8. The Limits of Conceptual Thinking Rudolf Bernet, Catholic University of Leuven 9. Non-Linguistic Thinking and Communication--Its Semantics and Some Applications Dieter Lohmar, University of Cologne 10. What Is It to Think? Steven Crowell, Rice University 11. Moral Perception: High-Level Perception or Low-Level Intuition? Elijah Chudnoff, University of Miami

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