Palgrave dictionary of emerging markets and transition economics : insights from archival research


Palgrave dictionary of emerging markets and transition economics : insights from archival research

edited by Jens Hölscher and Horst Tomann

(Palgrave handbooks)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The period of transition from socialism to capitalism in parts of Europe and Asia over the past 25 years has attracted considerable interest in academia and beyond. From the Editors of Palgrave's iconic series 'Studies in Economic Transition' comes the Palgrave Dictionary of Emerging Markets and Transition Economics. This dictionary addresses the needs of students, lecturers and the interested general public to quickly find definitions and explanations of topics, institutions, personalities and processes in this historical phase of changing societies, which as such is not concluded. Today newly emerging market economies try to learn from the experiences of transition economies. Those who love The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics will enjoy the format of this Dictionary, which uses an encyclopaedia-based approach, where articles not only define the terms but provide an overview of the evolution of the term or theory and also touch on the current debates.


  • List Of Boxes List Of Figures List Of Tables Notes On Contributors Introduction PART I: MONETARY ASPECTS 1. Central Bank Independence In Transition Economies
  • Jane Bogoev And Goran Petrevki 2. Currency Reforms In Emerging Markets And Transition Economies
  • Karsten Staehr 3. Financial Sector Restructuring In Transition And Emerging Market Economies
  • Andy Mullineux 4. The Choice Of Exchange Rate Regime In Emerging-Markets And Transition Economies
  • Karsten Staehr 5. Monetary Stabilisation
  • Zbigniew Polanski 6. Regional Monetary Cooperation Among In Emerging, Transition And Developing Economies
  • Barbara Fritz And Laurissa Muhlich PART II: INSTITUTION BUILDING 7. Varieties Of Capitalism In Post-Socialist Countries
  • Martin Myant 8. Institutional Reform: Irresistible Forces And Immovable Objects
  • Christopher A. Hartwell 9. Property Rights In Transition Countries
  • Christopher A. Hartwell 10. Corporate Governance: Towards A New Foundation For Both Developed And Transition Economies
  • Steve Letza 11. Business Constraints In Low Income Transition Countries Of Central Asia
  • Khurshid Djalilov PART III: ECONOMIC POLICY 12. Human Development And Economic Growth
  • Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Nadia Von Jacobi And Marcello Signorelli 13. Competition Policy
  • Jens Holscher 14. The Access Of Central And Eastern European Countries To The European Union
  • Pasquale Tridico 15. Sustainability Of Public Budgets
  • Christopher Hartwell And Marcello Signorelli 16. The 'Bad-Asset Problem'
  • Horst Tomann PART IV: GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT 17. Entrepreneurship
  • Sukanya Ayatakshi 18. Innovation
  • Jutta Gunther 19. Migration
  • Mehdi Chowdhury And Henry Telli 20. Trade Liberalisation
  • Sanjaya Acharya 21. Foreign Direct Investment In Transition Economies Of Europe And The Former Soviet Union
  • Godwin Okafor And Allan Webster PART V: WELLBEING 22. Convergence And Divergence
  • Guinevere Nell And Marcello Signorelli 23. Income Distribution
  • Cristiano Perugini And Fabrizio Pompei 24. Corporate Social Responsibility: A New Business Philosophy
  • Serhiy Lyeonov, Tetyana Vasylyeva And Anna Lasukova 25. Mass Privatisation
  • Darja Irdam, Gabor Scheiring, And Lawrence King 26. Employees Financial Participation
  • Dermot Mccarthy 27. Trust
  • Anna Rebmann 28. Happiness In Transition
  • Ekaterina Selezneva

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