Violence and crime in the family : patterns, causes, and consequences


    • Maxwell, Sheila Royo
    • Blair, Sampson Lee


Violence and crime in the family : patterns, causes, and consequences

edited by Sheila Royo Maxwell, Sampson Lee Blair

(Contemporary perspectives on family research / series editor, Felix M. Berardo, v. 9)(Emerald books)

Emerald Group Publishing, 2015

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In virtually all societies, crime is an ever-present problem. Although families are often envisioned as a 'safe haven,' criminologists and family researchers have found the familial context to be at the core of many forms of crime and violence. Family members often find themselves as victims of crime and violence, often perpetrated by yet another family member. The unique nature of family relationships, such as those between children and parents, sometimes lead to intergenerational patterns of violence within families. Understandably, societies often struggle to address crime and violence within families; as such behaviors are often unreported and even concealed. Even beyond the family, crime and criminal behavior can often directly impact familial relationships, such as with the incarceration of a spouse or parent. This multidisciplinary volume of CPFR will address topics such as: child abuse and neglect, spousal violence, incarceration and parenting, community crime and family well-being, family life and delinquency, intrafamily violence, and policy-related issues pertaining to family violence.


Family of Origin and Peer Influences on Intimate Partner Violence during Emerging Adulthood. A Latent Class Approach to Understanding the Intergenerational Transmission of Violence in Emerging Adult Relationships. Gender, Domestic Violence, and Patterns of Conviction: Analysis of India's Supreme Court Rulings. Structural Basis of Gender Violence in Cross-Regional Marriages: Tale from Haryana, India. Family Violence in Syria. Violent Socialization and Youth Violence across Different Nations: International Variations in Familial and Contextual Factors. "He is Still My Son": Aging and Living in the Shadow of an Abusive Adult Child with Mental Disorder. Parental Influence and Dating Violence among Students at Nigerian Universities. Long-Term Effects of Neglect on Violence: Are They Spurious or Indirect?. Situating the Experience of Maternal Incarceration: Childhood and Young Adult Context. Delinquent Effects of Childhood Exposure to Violent Victimization: A Latent Longitudinal Class Analysis. Girls Offenders Pathways into the Spanish Juvenile Justice. A Binary Model of Broken Home: Parental Death-Divorce Hypothesis of Male Juvenile Delinquency in Nigeria and Ghana. Delinquency, Gender, and Social Control within the Familial Context. The Self and the 'Selfie': Cyber-Bullying Theory and the Structure of Late Modernity. Setting the Problem of Missing Children in the Republic of Ireland against Contemporary International Research Perspectives. Copyright page. EDITORIAL BOARD. Foreword. Violence and Crime in the Family: Patterns, Causes, and Consequences. List of Contributors. Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research. Violence and Crime in the Family: Patterns, Causes, and Consequences. About the Authors.

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