Sundiata : an epic of old Mali


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Sundiata : an epic of old Mali

D.T. Niane ; translated by G.D. Pickett ; with extra material by David Chappell, James A. Jones

(Longman African writers)

Pearson, 2006

Rev. ed

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Soundjata, ou l'epopée mandingue

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Originally published: Présence Africaine, c1960

Description and Table of Contents


This is a revision of Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali, a best seller for 30 years. Retold by griots, the guardians of African Culture, this oral tradition has been handed down from the thirteenth century and captures all the mystery and majesty of medieval African kingship. It is the epic tale, based on an actual figure, of Sundiata (Sunjata). Part history and part legend, it tells how Sundiata fulfilled the prophesies that he would unite the twelve kingdoms of Mali into a powerful empire. This Revised Edition includes background information which provides a geographical, religious, social, and political context for the story. A 'who's who of characters' and 'a glossary of places' will enhance the reader's experience.

Table of Contents

Map Introduction to the Revised Edition Background Information Geography Religion Society Politics Oral Tradition, Pronunciation and Spelling Who's Who of Characters/Glossary of Places Preface The Story of Sundiata The Words of the Griot Mamadou Kouyatc The First Kings of Mali The Buffalo Woman The Lion Child Childhood The Lion's Awakening Exile Soumaoro Kantc: The Sorcerer King History The Baobab Leaves The Return The Names of the Heroes Nana Triban and Balla Fassckc Krina The Empire Kouroukan Fougan or The Division of the World Niani Eternal Mali Author's Notes

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