Averroes' natural philosophy and its reception in the Latin west


Averroes' natural philosophy and its reception in the Latin west

edited by Paul J.J.M. Bakker

(Ancient and medieval philosophy / De Wulf-Mansion Centre, ser. 1 ; 50)

Leuven University Press, c2015

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [213]-237) and indexes



The impact of Averroes’ natural philosophy on the history of philosophy and science. Ibn Rushd (1126–1198) or Averroes, is widely known as the unrivalled commentator on virtually all works by Aristotle. His commentaries and treatises were used as manuals for understanding Aristotelian philosophy until the Age of the Enlightenment. Both Averroes and the movement commonly known as ‘Latin Averroism’ have attracted considerable attention from historians of philosophy and science. Whereas most studies focus on Averroes’ psychology, particularly on his doctrine of the ‘unity of the intellect’, Averroes’ natural philosophy as a whole and its influence still remain largely unexplored. This volume aims to fill the gap by studying various aspects of Averroes’ natural philosophical thought, in order to evaluate its impact on the history of philosophy and science between the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content). Contributors: Jean-Baptiste Brenet (Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne), Cristina Cerami (cnrs, umr 7219: sphere/chspam), Silvia Donati (Albertus-Magnus-Institut, Bonn), Dag Nikolaus Hasse (Julius-Maximilians- Universität Würzburg), Craig Martin (Oakland University), Edith Dudley Sylla (North Carolina State University), Cecilia Trifogli (All Souls College, Oxford)


CONTENTS Paul J.J.M Bakker Introduction Cristina Cerami L'éternel par soi Jean-Baptiste Brenet Alexandre d'Aphrodise ou le matérialiste malgré lui Dag Nikolaus Hasse Averroes' Critique of Ptolemy and Its Reception by John of Jandun andAgostino Nifo Silvia Donati Is Celestial Motion a Natural Motion? Cecilia Trifogli The Reception of Averroes' View on Motion in the Latin West Edith Dudley Sylla Averroes and Fourteenth-Century Theories of Alteration Craig Martin Providence and Seventeenth-Century Attacks on Averroes Bibliography Index Codicum Manu Scriptorum Index Nominum

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