Transnational migration and home in older age


    • Walsh, Katie
    • Näre, Lena


Transnational migration and home in older age

edited by Katie Walsh and Lena Näre

(Routledge research in transnationalism, 33)

Routledge, 2016

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This book examines the transformations in home lives arising in later life and resulting from global migrations. It provides insight into the ways in which contemporary demographic processes of aging and migration shape the meaning, experience and making of home for those in older age. Chapters explore how home is negotiated in relation to possibilities for return to the "homeland," family networks, aging and health, care cultures and belonging. The book deliberately crosses emerging sub-fields in transnationalism studies by offering case studies on aging labour migrants, retirement migrants, and return migrants, as well as older people affected by the movement of others including family members and migrant care workers. The diversity of people's experiences of home in later life is fully explored and the impact of social class, gender, and nationality, as well as the corporeal dimensions of older age, are all in evidence.


1. Introduction: Transnational Migration and Home in Older Age Katie Walsh and Lena Nare Part 1: Intergenerational Transnational Homes 2. Transnational Grandmothers Making Their Multi-Sited Homes Between Finland and Russia Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir 3. "Home to Go": Albanian Older Parents in Transnational Social Fields Julie Vullnetari 4. Home as Family: Narratives of Home Among Ageing Gujaratis in the UK Lena Nare Part 2: Home-Strategies of Ageing and Mobility 5. Constructions of "Home" Among First Generation Migrants Living in Belgium and England Tine Buffel and Christopher Phillipson 6. Emotional or Instrumental?: Narratives of home Among North and West African Seniors in France Alistair Hunter 7. Transnational Mobility and "Insideness": Visual Methods and the Study of Home(s) in Retirement Migrants' Daily Lives Stefan Kordel 8. Diminished Transnationalism?: Growing Older and Practicing Home in Thailand Kate Botterill Part 3: Returning "Home" in Older Age 9. Deferring the Inevitable Return "Home": Contingency and Temporality in the Transnational Home-Making Practices of Older Kenyan Women Migrants in London Leslie Fesenmyer 10. Changing Notions of Home Across the Lifecycle: How Ageing Taiwanese Return Migrants Rethink Their Relationship to the Homeland Ken Chih-Yan Sun 11. Expatriate Belongings: Traces of Lives "Abroad" in the Home-Making of English Returnees in Later Life Katie Walsh Part 4: Ageing in Transnational Space 12. Creating, Maintaining and Losing Home in Ireland: Productions of Ageing and Migration Kieran Walsh 13. "I Am Now a Nobody": Transformations of Home and Sense of Belonging in the Life Narrative of a Retired Migrant Worker in Nuremberg Lars Meier 14. Ageing "Phantasmagorically" in Exile: The Resilience of Unbearable and Unattainable Homelands in the Jewish and Cuban Imagination Anastasia Christou 15. Ageing, Embodiment and Emotions in Orientations to Home: British Retirement Migration in Spain Caroline Oliver Part 5: Transnationalism and Elderly Care 16. Transforming Conceptions of Care at Home: Ageing Moroccan and Peruvian Migrants in Spain Angeles Escriva 17. Constructing Home-Likeness: Migrant Caregivers and the Politics of "Activation" in Public Care Provision in Finland Antero Olakivi and Miira Niska 18. Global Care at Home: Transnational Care Workers Caring for Older People in Toronto Kim England and Isabel Dyck Afterword: Many Ageings, Multiple Migrations, and Ambiguous Homes Russell King

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