Principles of adaptive optics


Principles of adaptive optics

Robert K. Tyson

CRC Press, c2016

4th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Principles of Adaptive Optics describes the foundations, principles, and applications of adaptive optics (AO) and its enabling technologies. Addressing the fundamentals of AO at the core of new uses in biomedical imaging, communications, high-energy lasers, and astronomy, this fully revised and significantly expanded Fourth Edition: * Contains all-new problem sets at the end of each chapter * Incorporates cutting-edge research, with hundreds of new citations * Adds a new section on the practical implications of control algorithms * Includes a practical roadmap for developing a viable stable multichannel control system * Presents new practical calibration techniques and new information on phase diversity for wavefront sensing * Updates coverage of AO systems-e.g., confocal AO scanning ophthalmoscopes and National Ignition Facility (NIF) beam path AO * Features fresh material on multiconjugate adaptive optics, extra-solar planet detection, optical coherence tomography, pyramid wavefront sensors, micromachined deformable mirrors, and more Principles of Adaptive Optics, Fourth Edition provides a complete update of the most definitive text for the field.


History and Background Introduction History Physical Optics Terms in Adaptive Optics Questions and Problems References Sources of Aberrations Atmospheric Turbulence Thermal Blooming Nonatmospheric Sources Questions and Problems References Adaptive Optics Compensation Phase Conjugation Limitations of Phase Conjugation Artificial Guide Stars Lasers for Guide Stars Combining the Limitations Linear Analysis Partial Phase Conjugation Questions and Problems References Adaptive Optics Applications and Systems Adaptive Optics Imaging Systems Beam Propagation Systems Unconventional Adaptive Optics System Engineering Questions and Problems References Wavefront Sensing Directly Measuring Phase Direct Wavefront Sensing-Modal Direct Wavefront Sensing-Zonal Indirect Wavefront Sensing Methods Wavefront Sampling Detectors and Noise Questions and Problems References Wavefront Correction Modal Tilt Correction Modal Higher-Order Correction Segmented Mirrors Deformable Mirrors Bimorph and Unimorph Corrector Mirrors Membrane and Micromachined Mirrors Edge Actuated Mirrors Large Correcting Optics Special Correction Devices Questions and Problems References Reconstruction and Controls Introduction Single-Channel Linear Control Multivariate Adaptive Optics Controls Wavefront Reconstruction Beyond Linear Control Practical Implementation of Control Algorithms Applications to Postprocessing Questions and Problems References Summary of Important Equations Atmospheric Turbulence Wavefront Expressions Atmospheric Turbulence Amplitude Expressions Adaptive Optics Compensation Expressions Laser Guide Star Expressions

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