Handbook of optical metrology : principles and applications


Handbook of optical metrology : principles and applications

edited by Toru Yoshizawa

CRC Press, c2015

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Handbook of Optical Metrology: Principles and Applications begins by discussing key principles and techniques before exploring practical applications of optical metrology. Designed to provide beginners with an introduction to optical metrology without sacrificing academic rigor, this comprehensive text: Covers fundamentals of light sources, lenses, prisms, and mirrors, as well as optoelectronic sensors, optical devices, and optomechanical elements Addresses interferometry, holography, and speckle methods and applications Explains Moire metrology and the optical heterodyne measurement method Delves into the specifics of diffraction, scattering, polarization, and near-field optics Considers applications for measuring length and size, displacement, straightness and parallelism, flatness, and three-dimensional shapes This new Second Edition is fully revised to reflect the latest developments. It also includes four new chapters-nearly 100 pages-on optical coherence tomography for industrial applications, interference microscopy for surface structure analysis, noncontact dimensional and profile metrology by video measurement, and optical metrology in manufacturing technology.


  • Fundamentals of Optical Elements and Devices Light Sources
  • Natalia Dushkina Lenses, Prisms, and Mirrors
  • Peter R. Hall Optoelectronic Sensors
  • Motohiro Suyama Optical Devices and Optomechanical Elements
  • Akihiko Chaki and Kenji Magara Fundamentals of Principles and Techniques for Metrology Propagation of Light
  • Natalia Dushkina Interferometry
  • David A. Page Holography
  • Giancarlo Pedrini Speckle Methods and Applications
  • Nandigana Krishna Mohan Moire Metrology
  • Lianhua Jin and Toru Yoshizawa Optical Heterodyne Measurement Method
  • Masao Hirano Diffraction
  • Toru Yoshizawa Light Scattering
  • Lev T. Perelman Polarization
  • Michael Shribak Near-Field Optics
  • Wenhao Huang, Xi Li, and Guoyong Zhang Practical Applications Length and Size
  • Rene Schoedel Displacement
  • Akiko Hirai, Mariko Kajima, and Souichi Telada Straightness and Alignment
  • Ruedi Thalmann Flatness
  • Toshiyuki Takatsuji and Youichi Bitou Surface Profilometry
  • Toru Yoshizawa and Toshitaka Wakayama Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement
  • Frank Chen, Gordon M. Brown, and Mumin Song Fringe Analysis
  • Jun-ichi Kato Photogrammetry
  • Nobuo Kochi Optical Methods in Solid Mechanics
  • Anand Asundi Optical Methods in Flow Measurement
  • Sang Joon Lee Polarimetry
  • Baoliang (Bob) Wang Birefringence Measurement
  • Yukitoshi Otani Ellipsometry
  • Hiroyuki Fujiwara Optical Thin Film and Coatings
  • Cheng-Chung Lee and Shigetaro Ogura Film Surface and Thickness Profilometry
  • Katsuichi Kitagawa Optical Coherence Tomography for Industrial Applications
  • Tatsuo Shiina Interference Microscopy for Surface Structure Analysis
  • Peter J. de Groot Noncontact Dimensional and Profile Metrology by Video Measurement
  • Hiroo Tsumuraya and Shuichi Sakai Optical Metrology in Manufacturing Technology
  • Rainer Tutsch On-Machine Measurements
  • Takashi Nomura and Kazuhide Kamiya

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