The SAGE handbook of geomorphology


The SAGE handbook of geomorphology

edited by Kenneth J. Gregory and Andrew S. Goudie

SAGE, 2014, c2011

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Handbook of geomorphology


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Geomorphology is the study of the Earth's diverse physical land-surface features and the dynamic processes that shape these features. Examining natural and anthropogenic processes, The SAGE Handbook of Geomorphology is a comprehensive exposition of the fundamentals of geomorphology that examines form, process, and applications of the discipline. Organized into five substantive sections, the Handbook is an overview of: * Foundations and Relevance: including the nature and scope of geomorphology; the origins and development of geomorphology; the role and character of theory in geomorphology; geomorphology and environmental management; and geomorphology and society * Techniques and Approaches: including observations and experiments; geomorphological mapping; the significance of models; process and form; dating surfaces and sediment; remote sensing in geomorphology; GIS in geomorphology; biogeomorphology; human activity * Process and Environment: including the evolution of regolith; weathering; fluids, flows and fluxes; sediment transport and deposition; hill slopes; riverine environments; glacial geomorphology; periglacial environments; coastal environments; aeolian environments; tropical environments; karst and karst processes * Environmental Change: including landscape evolution and tectonics; interpreting quaternary environments; environmental change; disturbance and responses to geomorphic systems * Conclusion: including challenges and perspectives; and a concluding review The Handbook has contributions from 48 international authors and was initially organized by the International Association of Geomorphologists. This will be a much-used and much-cited reference for researchers in Geomorphology, Physical Geography and the Environmental Sciences.


Introduction to the Discipline of Geomorphology - Kenneth J. Gregory and Andrew Goudie PART ONE: FOUNDATION AND RELEVANCEGeomorphology: Its Early History - Andrew GoudieThe Nature of Explanation in Geomorphology - Keith Richards and Nicholas J. CliffordThe Role and Character of Theory in Geomorphology - Bruce L. Rhoads and Colin E. ThornGeomorphology in Environmental Management - Peter W. Downs and Derek B. BoothGeomorphology and Society - Mathias Kondolf and Herve PiegayPART TWO: TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHESObservations and Experiments - Michael ChurchGeomorphological Mapping - Mike J. Smith and Colin F. PainThe Significance of Models in Geomorphology: From Concepts to Experiments - Nicholas A. Odoni and Stuart N. LaneProcess and Form - Richard HuggettDating Surfaces and Sediments - Tony G. BrownRemote Sensing in Geomorphology - Tom G. FarrGeographic Information Systems in Geomorphology - Takashi Oguchi and Thad A. Wasklewicz Biogeomorphology - Heather VilesHuman Activity and Geomorphology - Denes Loczy and Laszlo S toPART THREE: PROCESS AND ENVIRONMENTSThe Evolution of Regolith - Graham TaylorRock Surface and Weathering: Process and Form - David A. Robinson and Cherith A. MosesFluids, Flows and Fluxes in Geomorphology - Andre G. Roy and Helene LamarreSediment Transport and Deposition - Jeff Warburton Hillslopes - David PetleyRiverine Environments - Jim PizzutoGlacial Geomorphology - John MenziesPeriglacial Environments - Hugh French Coastal Environments - Colin D. Woodroffe, Peter J. Cowell, Mark E. DicksonAeolian Environments - Joanna E. BullardTropical Environments - Michael Thomas and Vishwas Kale Geomorphology Underground: The Study of Karst and Karst Processes - D. C. Ford, and P. W. Williams, PART FOUR: ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGELandscape Evolution and Tectonics - Paul BishopInterpreting Quaternary Environments - Anne MatherEnvironmental Change - Martin WilliamsDisturbance and Responses in Geomorphic Systems - Jonathan D. PhillipsPART FIVE: CONCLUSIONChallenges and Perspectives - Mike Crozier, P. Bierman, Andreas Lang and Victor R. BakerConclusion - Kenneth J. Gregory and Andrew Goudie

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