Physics I for dummies



Physics I for dummies

by Steven Holzner with Daniel Funch Wohns

(--For dummies)

John Wiley & Sons, c2015

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Step-by-step lessons and practice for Physics I

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"U can"

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Take the fear out of Physics I If the thought of studying physics makes you sweat, you can finally have something to rest easy about! U Can: Physics I For Dummies takes the intimidation out of this tough subject, offering approachable lessons, examples, and practice opportunities as well as access to additional practice problems online. With this one-stop resource, you'll find friendly and accessible instruction on everything you'll encounter in your Physics I course and will gain the practice and confidence you need to score high at exam time. Inside this comprehensive study resource, how-to lessons are thoughtfully blended with practical examples and problems to help you put your knowledge to practice and gauge your comprehension of the physics topics presented. Lessons and practice problems are fully integrated and track to a typical Physics I course, giving you one mega-resource that combines the 'how-to' you need with the 'do it' practice you want to keep the physics anxiety at bay. Get up to speed on the basic concepts of physicsGrasp physics formulas in a clear and concise mannerExplore the newest discoveries in the fieldAccess additional practice problems online If you're looking for an all-inclusive product to help with your Physics I coursework, U Can: Physics I For Dummies has it all and then some!


INTRODUCTION 1 PART I GETTING STARTED WITH PHYSICS 5 Chapter 1: Using Physics to Understand Your World 7 Chapter 2: Reviewing Physics Measurement and Math Fundamentals 15 Chapter 3: Exploring the Need for Speed 35 Chapter 4: Following Directions: Motion in Two Dimensions 61 PART II MAY THE FORCES BE WITH YOU 87 Chapter 5: When Push Comes to Shove: Force 89 Chapter 6: Getting Down with Gravity, Inclined Planes, and Friction 111 Chapter 7: Circling Around Rotational Motion and Orbits 129 Chapter 8: Go with the Flow: Looking at Pressure in Fluids 159 PART III WORKING ENERGETICALLY 187 Chapter 9: Getting Some Work Out of Physics 189 Chapter 10: Putting Objects in Motion: Momentum and Impulse 215 Chapter 11: Winding Up with Angular Motion 237 Chapter 12: Round and Round with Rotational Dynamics 265 Chapter 13: Springs n Things: Simple Harmonic Motion 285 PART IV LAYING DOWN THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS 309 Chapter 14: Turning Up the Heat with Thermodynamics 311 Chapter 15: Here, Take My Coat: How Heat Is Transferred 329 Chapter 16: In the Best of All Possible Worlds: The Ideal Gas Law 345 Chapter 17: Heat and Work: The Laws of Thermodynamics 357 PART V THE PART OF TENS 381 Chapter 18: Ten Common Mistakes People Make When Solving Problems 383 Chapter 19: Ten Wild Physics Theories 387 INDEX 393

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