The young female athlete


    • Stein, Cynthia J.
    • Ackerman, Kathryn E.
    • Stracciolini, Andrea


The young female athlete

Cynthia J. Stein, Kathryn E. Ackerman, Andrea Stracciolini, editors

(Contemporary pediatric and adolescent sports medicine)

Springer, c2016

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Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach and drawing on the experience of experts in their respective fields, this unique book presents and discusses an array of topics relevant to the ever-growing population of pediatric, adolescent and young adult female athletes. Each topic is clearly defined and includes epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and future directions. Opening chapters discuss growth and development, sports nutrition, resistance training, and psychological considerations for the young female athlete, with a chapter focusing on the female athlete triad. Later chapters present injuries and management strategies common to the young female athlete, such as overuse injuries, spondylolysis, hip and ACL injuries, concussion, and cardiovascular complications. The concluding chapter considers the benefits of physical activity for chronic disease prevention later in life. The Young Female Athlete provides useful, up-to-date information for any practitioner treating this active population, encouraging sports participation with fitness, injury prevention, personal growth, and long-term health.


â 1.Growth and Development.- 2.Sports Nutrition.- 3.Resistance Training.- 4.Mental Skills Training.- 5.The Female Athlete Triad.- 6.Overuse Injuries.- 7.Spondylolysis.- 8.Hip Injuries.- 9.ACL Injuries.- 10.Concussion in Sports.- 11.Management of Cardiovascular Concerns.- 12.Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention.

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