Latitude hooks and azimuth rings : how to build and use 18 traditional navigational tools


    • Fisher, Dennis


Latitude hooks and azimuth rings : how to build and use 18 traditional navigational tools

Dennis Fisher ; illustrations by Joseph Fisher and the author

International Marine, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 161-164) and index

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"Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings" is for people who like to work with their hands and who appreciate traditional nautical craftsmanship. You don't have to be the master of any craft to undertake any of these projects - from a simple kamal or latitude hook to the more complex pelorus or octant -just a careful and enthusiastic worker. These 18 projects fall roughly into three categories: decorative, useful, and somewhere in between. Some, such as the astrolabe, are mainly for display. On the other hand, the sounding line is an important and practical tool for small-craft navigation, particularly in the absence of an electronic sounder.The cross-staff falls somewhere in between, equally at home in the den or the ditch kit. Each of the devices discussed here - with simple, proven building instructions complemented by clear illustrations - has at one time or another been used for the practical business of navigation, and each is worth reviving for its beauty, historic value, or sheer usefulness. Dennis Fisher has designed these projects with an emphasis on simplicity and reasonable cost. Everything can be scratch-built using easily obtainable materials and tools, and each is true to the spirit and function of the original instrument.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Tools and Materials 2. The Latitude Hook 3. The Kamal 4. The Astrolabe 5. The Quadrant 6. The Astronomical Ring 7. The Sundial 8. The Nocturnal 9. The Cross-Staff 10. The Backstaff 11. The Dry-Card Compass 12. The Traverse Board 13. The Hand Lead 14. The Heaving Line 15. The Chip Log 16. The Weatherglass 17. The Pelorus 18. The Sun Compass 19. The Octant Appendix A: Tools and Materials Appendix B: Navigation Equipment Appendix C: Marine Catalogs Bibliography Index

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