Second language acquisition of Turkish


Second language acquisition of Turkish

edited by Ayşe Gürel

(Language acquisition & language disorders / editors, Harald Clahsen, William Rutherford, v. 59)

John Benjamins Publishing Company, c2016

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book brings together the findings of current studies on the second language (L2) acquisition of Turkish, an Altaic language with more than 140 million native speakers around the world. There is now a growing interest in learning and teaching Turkish as an L2, both in and outside Turkey. Coordinated efforts to produce theoretical and empirical work on the acquisition and teaching of L2 Turkish are therefore an urgent need. The compilation in this volume offers eleven L2 studies that explore the representation and/or processing of various linguistic properties in different domains of grammar (phonology, morpho-syntax, pragmatics) and their interfaces. All studies involve adult L2 Turkish learners with various first-language backgrounds at different proficiency levels. With extensive discussions on theoretical and pedagogical issues, this title will appeal to an international readership that includes L2 Turkish researchers, materials designers, and teachers.


  • 1. Introduction: Linguistic aspects of Turkish as a second language (by Gurel, Ayse)
  • 2. PART I. The acquisition of L2 phonology
  • 3. Acquisition of L2 Turkish prosody: The effects of purely phonological and phonosyntactic issues (by Ozcelik, Oner)
  • 4. Decreasing dependence on orthography in phonological development: Evidence from vowel harmony in English-Turkish interlanguage (by Ozcelik, Oner)
  • 5. PART II. The acquisition of L2 morpho-syntax
  • 6. The acquisition of TAM markers in L2 Turkish: Evidence from Greek learners (by Kaili, Hasan)
  • 7. The causative/inchoative morphology in L2 Turkish under the Feature Reassembly Approach (by Montrul, Silvina A.)
  • 8. Someone judges every sentence: Third language acquisition of quantifier scope in Turkish (by Ay, Sila)
  • 9. Syntax/semantics/pragmatics of yes/no question in second language Turkish (by Gracanin-Yuksek, Martina)
  • 10. PART III. The acquisition of L2 discourse/pragmatics
  • 11. Cross-linguistic effects in the use of suggestion formulas by L2 Turkish learners (by Bayyurt, Yasemin)
  • 12. Explicit apologies in L2 Turkish (by Hatipoglu, Ciler)
  • 13. PART IV. The processing of L2 morpho-syntax
  • 14. Processing morphology in L2 Turkish: The effects of morphological richness in the L1 (by Uygun, Serkan)
  • 15. Non-native syntactic processing of Case and Agreement: Evidence from event-related potentials (by Aydin, Ozgur)
  • 16. Structural priming in L2 Turkish: A study on possessive noun phrases and noun clauses (by Mercan, Gozde)
  • 17. Conclusion: Emerging issues in the acquisition of L2 Turkish and pedagogical considerations (by Gurel, Ayse)
  • 18. Index

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