The long eighteenth century : British political and social history, 1688-1832


The long eighteenth century : British political and social history, 1688-1832

Frank O'Gorman

Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury, 2016

2nd ed

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"First edition published 1997" -- T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. [397]-429) and index



This long-awaited second edition sees this classic text by a leading scholar given a new lease of life. It comes complete with a wealth of original material on a range of topics and takes into account the vital research that has been undertaken in the field in the last two decades. The book considers the development of the internal structure of Britain and explores the growing sense of British nationhood. It looks at the role of religion in matters of state and society, in addition to society's own move towards a class-based system. Commercial and imperial expansion, Britain's role in Europe and the early stages of liberalism are also examined. This new edition is fully updated to include: - Revised and thorough treatments of the themes of gender and religion and of the 1832 Reform Act - New sections on 'Commerce and Empire' and 'Britain and Europe' - Several new maps and charts - A revised introduction and a more extensive conclusion - Updated note sections and bibliographies The Long Eighteenth Century is the essential text for any student seeking to understand the nuances of this absorbing period of British history.


Introduction 1. Britain in the Later Seventeenth Century 2. The Glorious Revolution in Britain, 1688-1714 3. Whiggism Supreme, 1714-1757 4. The Social Foundations of the Early Hanoverian Regime, 1714-1757 5. The Political Foundations of the Early Hanoverian Regime, 1714-1757 6. What Kind of Regime? 1714-1757 7. Patriotism and Empire, 1756-1789 8. The Age of George III, 1760-1789 9. The Crisis of the Hanoverian Regime, 1789-1820 10. State and Church in Later Hanoverian Britain, 1757-1832 11. The Social Foundations of the Later Hanoverian Regime, 1757-1832 12. The Renewal of the Regime, 1820-1832 Conclusion Bibliography Index

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