DNS security : defending the domain name system


    • Liska, Allan
    • Stowe, Geoffrey
    • Gallo, Timothy


DNS security : defending the domain name system

Allan Liska, Geoffrey Stowe ; Timothy Gallo, technical editor

Syngress, c2016

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DNS Security: Defending the Domain Name System provides tactics on how to protect a Domain Name System (DNS) framework by exploring common DNS vulnerabilities, studying different attack vectors, and providing necessary information for securing DNS infrastructure. The book is a timely reference as DNS is an integral part of the Internet that is involved in almost every attack against a network. The book focuses entirely on the security aspects of DNS, covering common attacks against DNS servers and the protocol itself, as well as ways to use DNS to turn the tables on the attackers and stop an incident before it even starts.


Ch. 1: Understanding DNS Ch. 2: Issues in DNS Security Ch. 3: DNS Configuration Errors Ch. 4: External DNS Exploits Ch. 5: DNS Network Security Ch. 6: Secure Zone File Management Ch. 7: BIND Security Ch. 8: Windows DNS Security Ch. 9: Outsourcing DNS Ch. 10: DNSSEC Ch. 11: Anycast

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