Governance in developing Asia : public service delivery and empowerment


Governance in developing Asia : public service delivery and empowerment

edited by Anil B. Deolalikar, Shikha Jha, Pilipinas F. Quising

E. Elgar Pub., 2016, c2015

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"Paperback edition 2016"--T.p. verso

"Co-publication of the Asian Development Bank and Edward Elgar Publishing"

Includes bibliographical references and index



Governance in Developing Asia is one of the first books of its kind to provide an overview of the role that better governance and citizen empowerment can play in improving public service delivery in developing Asia. The World Development Report 2004 set a framework for public service delivery in terms of the short and long roads to accountability of service providers to citizens. More than a decade on, this important book revisits the issue and departs from the WDR framework, highlighting its shortcomings and offering alternative solutions. The contributors present fresh evidence on the relationship between governance and development outcomes, including growth and indicators of living standards. They argue that the Asia-Pacific region must do better in delivering essential public services if it wishes to continue improving the quality of life for millions of its people. They show how the quantity and quality of public services in a country can be improved if the government actively solicits citizen involvement in service delivery. Researchers and students of public policy and Asian studies will find this to be a useful read. Public policymakers and practitioners in government and non-government agencies will draw important lessons from the issues raised and solutions proposed in this book.


Contents: 1. Overview Anil B. Deolalikar and Shikha Jha PART I GOOD GOVERNANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 2. Governance and Developing Asia: Concepts, Measurements, Determinants and a Paradox M.G. Quibria 3. Do Governance Indicators Explain Growth Performance: A Cross-Country Analysis Xuehui Han, Haider A. Khan and Juzhong Zhuang 4. Governance and Development Outcomes in Asia Kunal Sen 5. Corruption in Asia and the Pacific: A Manifestation of Weak Governance Shikha Jha and Pilipinas F. Quising PART II SERVICE DELIVERY AS THE FACE OF GOVERNANCE 6. The State of Public Services in Developing Asia Anil B. Deolalikar and Shikha Jha 7. Harnessing Public-private Service Delivery Arrangements in Developing Asia Joseph J. Capuno 8. Improving Service Provision through Decentralization Giorgio Brosio 9. Improving Education Services: District Governance and Student Learning in Indonesia Menno Pradhan and Joppe de Ree PART III ROLE OF EMPOWERMENT IN IMPROVING PUBLIC SERVICES 10. Citizen Empowerment in Service Delivery Babken Babajanian 11. Rights, Accountability and Citizenship: India's Emerging Welfare State Yamini Aiyar and Michael Walton 12. Using ICT to Improve Governance and Service Delivery to the Poor Subhash Bhatnagar 13. Conclusion Anil B. Deolalikar and Shikha Jha Index

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