Theology and economics : a Christian vision of the common good



Theology and economics : a Christian vision of the common good

edited by Jeremy Kidwell and Sean Doherty

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

1st ed

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Bibliography: p. [251]-259

Includes index



This volume brings together a prominent group of Christian economists and theologians to provide an interdisciplinary look at how we might use the tools of economic and theological reasoning to cultivate more just and moral economies for the 21st century.


Introduction PART I SWORDS: CRITICAL ENGAGEMENTS BETWEEN ECONOMICS AND THEOLOGY 1. Why Is Engagement Difficult? 2. What Do Theologians Need To Know About Economics? 3. A Framework For Doing Theology In The Marketplace 4. Red Toryism, Common Good, And One Nation 5: A Response To Hartropp, Pollitt, Poole And Chapman PART II PLOWSHARES (1): RESOURCES FOR COLLABORATION 6. On The Idea Of Commerce As A Natural Means Of Human Improvement: 7. Economics And Virtue Ethics: Reflections From A Christian Perspective 8. Radical Or Realist? The Social Ethics Of John Of Chrysostom And Reflection On The Common Good 9: Response: Finding Common Ground: Contemporary Resources For Collaboration 10. The Kingdom Of God And The Economic System: An Economics Of Hope PART III PLOWSHARES (2): VISIONS OF THE COMMON GOOD 11. Theological Perspectives For A Human Economy At Its Limits And Within Its Limits 12. Is The Model Of Human Nature In Economics Fundamentally Flawed? 13. Transcending The Long Twentieth Century: Why We Should And How 14. Christianity And Social Flourishing: Theology, Politics And Economics 328 Conclusion Selected Bibliography

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