Ernest Hemingway in context


Ernest Hemingway in context

edited by Debra A. Moddelmog, Suzanne del Gizzo

Cambridge University Press, 2015

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"First published 2013"--T.p. verso

"First paperback edition 2015"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Ernest Hemingway's literary career was shaped by the remarkable contexts in which he lived, from the streets of suburban Chicago to the shores of the Caribbean islands, to the battlefields of World War I, Franco's Spain and World War II. This volume examines the various geographic, political, social and literary contexts through which Hemingway crystallized his unmistakable narrative voice. Written by forty-four experts in Hemingway studies, the comprehensive yet concise essays collected here explore how Hemingway is both a product and a critic of his times, touching on his relationship to matters of style, biography, letters, cinema, the arts, music, masculinity, sexuality, the environment, ethnicity and race, legacy and women, among other topics. Fans, students and scholars of Hemingway will turn to this reference time and again for a fuller understanding of this iconic American author.


  • Part I. Biography and Life: 1. Chronology Verna Kale
  • 2. Biography John Raeburn
  • 3. Critical overview of biographies Lisa Tyler
  • 4. Letters Sandra Spanier
  • 5. Reading Gail Sinclair
  • Part II. Representations: In His Time: 6. Contemporary reviews Albert J. De Fazio, III
  • 7. Photos and portraits James Plath
  • 8. Cinema adaptations Jill Jividen
  • 9. Magazines David M. Earle
  • Part III. Representations: In our Time: 10. Critical overview Kelli A. Larson
  • 11. Styles Milton A. Cohen
  • 12. Cult and afterlife Suzanne del Gizzo
  • 13. Houses and museums Frederic Svoboda
  • 14. Posthumous publications Robert W. Trogdon
  • Part IV. Intellectual and Artistic Movements and Influences: 15. Modernist Paris and the expatriate literary milieu J. Gerald Kennedy
  • 16. Literary friendships, rivalries and feuds Kirk Curnutt
  • 17. Literary movements Carl Eby
  • 18. Visual arts Lisa Narbeshuber
  • 19. Music Hilary K. Justice
  • Part V. Popular, Cultural, and Historical Contexts: 20. Ailments, accidents, and suicide Peter L. Hays
  • 21. Animals Ryan Hediger
  • 22. Bullfighting Miriam B. Mandel
  • 23. The environment Susan F. Beegel
  • 24. Fishing Mark P. Ott
  • 25. Food and drink Peter Messent
  • 26. Hunting Kevin Maier
  • 27. Masculinity Thomas Strychacz
  • 28. Politics Robert E. Fleming
  • 29. Publishing industry and Scribner's Leonard J. Leff
  • 30. Race and ethnicity: African Americans Gary Edward Holcomb
  • 31. Race and ethnicity: Africans Nghana Lewis
  • 32. Race and ethnicity: American Indians Amy Strong
  • 33. Race and ethnicity: Cubans Ann Putnam
  • 34. Race and ethnicity: Jews Jeremy Kaye
  • 35. Religion Matthew Nickel
  • 36. Sex, sexuality, and marriage Debra A. Moddelmog
  • 37. Travel Russ Pottle
  • 38. Travel writing Emily Wittman
  • 39. War: World War I Alex Vernon
  • 40. War: Spanish Civil War Stacey Guill
  • 41. War: World War II James H. Meredith
  • 42. Women Nancy R. Comley
  • Part VI. Resources: 43. Manuscripts and collections Susan Wrynn
  • 44. The Hemingway Review and the Ernest Hemingway Foundation and Society Charles M. Oliver
  • Further reading.

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