Photoinduced processes at surfaces and in nanomaterials


Photoinduced processes at surfaces and in nanomaterials

Dmitri Kilin, editor ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Computers Chemistry

(ACS symposium series, 1196)

American Chemical Society , Distributed in print by Oxford University Press, c2015

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This ACS Book presents studies of photoinduced processes in nanomaterials that fall into the category of basic research contributing to solar energy conversion. The team of editors and chapter authors focus on photophysical and photochemical processes at surfaces of semiconductor nanostructures that are related to photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications with a broader focus on time-resolved spectroscopic monitoring of related processes in photoactive materials. The book reports short, up-to-date reviews, recent experimental data, and computational results that all contribute to an atomistic description of electronic dynamics and charge transfer induced by optical excitations and lattice vibrations.

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