Women in sports coaching


Women in sports coaching

edited by Nicole M. LaVoi

(Routledge research in sports coaching)

Routledge, 2016

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Women in many Westernized countries encounter a wider variety of career opportunities than afforded in previous decades, and the percentage of women leaders in nearly every sector is on the rise. Sport coaching, however, remains a domain where gender equity has declined or stalled, despite increasing female sport participation. The percentage of women who coach women are in the minority in most sports, and there is a near absence of women coaching men. This important new book examines why. Drawing on original multi-disciplinary research from across the globe, including first-hand accounts from practicing coaches, the book illuminates and examines the status of women in coaching, explores the complex issues they face in pursuing their careers, and suggests solutions for eliminating the barriers that impede women in coaching. Developing an innovative model of intersectionality and power constructs through which to guide research, the book covers issues including sexual identity, race, motherhood, cross-gender coaching and media coverage to give voice to women coaches from around the world. As such, Women in Sports Coaching is essential reading for serious students and scholars of sports coaching, sport sociology or anyone with an interest in gender and sport.


Introduction Part 1: Underlying Theoretical Framework (Nicole M. LaVoi) 1. A Framework to Understand Experiences of Women Coaches Around the Globe: The Ecological-Intersectional Model (Nicole M. LaVoi) 2. A Socio-cultural Examination of a Lack of Women Coaches in Sport Leadership Positions (Mary Jo Kane) 3. An Ecological/Multisystem Approach to Understanding and Examining Women Coaches (Laura J. Burton & Nicole M. LaVoi) Part 2: Women Coaches and Other Intersectional Identities 4. Lesbian Coaches and Homophobia (Leanne Norman) 5. Women Coaches of Color: Examining the Effects of Intersectionality (Akilah R. Carter-Francique & Joyce Olushola) 6. Coaching and Motherhood (Jennifer E. Bruening, Marlene A. Dixon & Christianne M. Eason) 7. Cross-Gender Coaching: Women Coaching Men (Nefertiti Walker) 8. Female Athletes Conceptions of Leadership: Coaching and Gender Implications (Vicki D. Schull) 9. Female Assistant Coaches: Planting Seeds and Growing Roots (Janelle E. Wells) Part 3: Seeing, Listening to and Researching Women Coaches 10. Women in the Sport Media: Where are the Coaches? (Nicole M. LaVoi & Austin Stair Calhoun) 11. Hear Their Voices: Suggestions for Developing and Supporting Women Coaches from Around the World (Shelia Robertson) 12. Women in Coaching: Theoretical Underpinnings among Quantitative Analyses (George B. Cunningham) 13. Women in Coaching: Theoretical Underpinnings among Qualitative Research (Brian T. Gearity, Joseph P. Mills & Bettina Callary) Part 4: Strategies for Change Concluding Thoughts: Creating Change for Women Coaches (Nicole M. LaVoi)

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