A companion to Michael Haneke


A companion to Michael Haneke

edited by Roy Grundmann

(Wiley-Blackwell companions to film directors)

Wiley-Blackwell, 2014, c2010

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"This paperback edition first published 2014"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



A Companion to Michael Haneke is a definitive collection of newly-commissioned work that covers Haneke's body of work in its entirety, catering to students and scholars of Haneke at a time when interest in the director and his work is soaring. * Introduces one of the most important directors to have emerged on the global cinema scene in the past fifteen years * Includes exclusive interviews with Michael Haneke, including an interview discussion of The White Ribbon * Considers themes, topics, and subjects that have formed the nucleus of the director's life's work: the fate of European cinema, Haneke in Hollywood, pornography, alienation, citizenship, colonialism, and the gaze of surveillance * Features critical examinations of La Pianiste, Time of the Wolf, Three Paths to the Lake and Cache, amongst others


Notes on Contributors viii Acknowledgments xiv Introduction: Haneke's Anachronism 1 Roy Grundmann Part I Critical and Topical Approaches to Haneke's Cinema 51 1 Performative Self-Contradictions: Michael Haneke's Mind Games 53 Thomas Elsaesser 2 Five Tapes, Four Halls, Two Dreams: Vicissitudes of Surveillant Narration in Michael Haneke's Cache 75 Thomas Y. Levin 3 Infectious Images: Haneke, Cameron, Egoyan, and the Dueling Epistemologies of Video and Film 91 Vinzenz Hediger 4 Tracking Code Unknown 113 Tom Conley 5 Michael Haneke and the New Subjectivity: Architecture and Film 124 Peter Eisenman 6 Games Haneke Plays: Reality and Performance 130 Brigitte Peucker 7 Figures of Disgust 147 Christa Blumlinger 8 Without Music: On Cache 161 Michel Chion 9 Fighting the Melodramatic Condition: Haneke's Polemics 168 Jorg Metelmann 10 "Mourning for the Gods Who Have Died": The Role of Religion in Michael Haneke's Glaciation Trilogy 187 Gregor Thuswaldner Part II The Television Films 203 11 A Melancholy Labor of Love, or Film Adaptation as Translation: Three Paths to the Lake 205 Fatima Naqvi 12 Michael Haneke and the Television Years: A Reading of Lemmings 227 Peter Brunette 13 Variations on Themes: Spheres and Space in Haneke's Variation 243 Monica Filimon and Fatima Naqvi 14 Projecting Desire, Rewriting Cinematic Memory: Gender and German Reconstruction in Michael Haneke's Fraulein 263 Tobias Nagl 15 (Don't) Look Now: Hallucinatory Art History in Who Was Edgar Allan? 279 Janelle Blankenship 16 Bureaucracy and Visual Style 301 Brian Price Part III The German-Language Theatrical Features 321 17 Structures of Glaciation: Gaze, Perspective, and Gestus in the Films of Michael Haneke 323 Georg Seesslen 18 The Void at the Center of Things: Figures of Identity in Michael Haneke's Glaciation Trilogy 337 Peter J. Schwartz 19 How to Do Things with Violences 354 Eugenie Brinkema 20 Between Adorno and Lyotard: Michael Haneke's Aesthetic of Fragmentation 371 Roy Grundmann 21 Hollywood Endgames 420 Leland Monk Part IV The French-Language Theatrical Features 439 22 Class Conflict and Urban Public Space: Haneke and Mass Transit 441 Barton Byg 23 Multicultural Encounters in Haneke's French-Language Cinema 455 Alex Lykidis 24 Haneke's Secession: Perspectivism and Anti-Nihilism in Code Unknown and Cache 477 Kevin L. Stoehr 25 The Unknown Piano Teacher 495 Charles Warren 26 Discordant Desires, Violent Refrains: La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher) 511 Jean Ma 27 Civilization's Endless Shadow: Haneke's Time of the Wolf 532 Evan Torner 28 The Intertextual and Discursive Origins of Terror in Michael Haneke's Cache 551 T. Jefferson Kline Part V Michael Haneke Speaks 563 29 Terror and Utopia of Form: Robert Bresson's Au hasard Balthazar 565 Michael Haneke 30 Violence and the Media 575 Michael Haneke 31 The World That Is Known: An Interview with Michael Haneke 580 Christopher Sharrett 32 Unsentimental Education: An Interview with Michael Haneke 591 Roy Grundmann Filmography 607 Index 619

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