Robert Mugabe : power, plunder and tyranny in Zimbabwe


Robert Mugabe : power, plunder and tyranny in Zimbabwe

Martin Meredith

Jonathan Ball Pub., c2002

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"Originally published in UK and USA by PublicAffairs ..."--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. [229]-231) and index



Robert Mugabe was once hailed around the world as a revolutionary hero. After a fierce civil war against white minority rule in Rhodesia, he emerged as the new leader of Zimbabwe, embracing the cause of reconciliation and racial harmony. Hopes were high that Mugabe had the intelligence, political savvy and idealistic vision to overcome the legacy of war and forge ahead with economic and social development. Zimbabwe at independence in 1980 seemed destined for an era of peace and prosperity. The honeymoon did not last long. Determined to gain total power through a one-party system, Mugabe unleashed a campaign of mass murder and terror against his political opponents in Matabeleland. He acquire huge personal power, ruling the country through a vast system of patronage, favouring loyal aides and cronies with government positions and contracts and feeding the spreading blight of corruption. What happened in Zimbabwe? For the first time the whole story is told in detail. Martin Meredith has spent much of his life writing about Africa.In Robert Mugabe he pieces together the tragic political story of what happened to Zimbabwe and to a leader who once represented the worldAs best hopes for

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