Families, young people, physical activity and health : critical perspectives


    • Dagkas, Symeon
    • Burrows, Lisette


Families, young people, physical activity and health : critical perspectives

edited by Symeon Dagkas and Lisette Burrows

(Routledge research in sport, culture and society, 62)

Routledge, 2016

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The family is an important site for the transmission of knowledge and cultural values. Amidst claims that young people are failing to follow health advice, dropping out of sport and at risk of an ever-expanding list of lifestyle diseases, families have become the target of government interventions. This book is the first to offer critical sociological perspectives on how families do and do not function as a pedagogical site for health education, sport and physical activity practices. This book focuses on the importance of families as sites of pedagogical work across a range of cultural and geographical contexts. It explores the relationships between families, education, health, physical activity and sport, and also offers reflections on the methodological and ethical issues arising from this research. Its chapters discuss key questions such as: how active living messages are taken up in families; how parents perceive the role of education, physical activity and sport; how culture, gender, religion and social class shape engagement in sport; how family pedagogies may influence health education, sport and physical activity now and in the future. This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in health, physical education, health education, family studies, sport pedagogy or the sociology of sport and exercise.


1. Family Matters: An Introduction [Symeon Dagkas and Lisette Burrows] Section 1: Family, Practice and Pedagogy 2. The Absent Body: Bio-Social Encounters with the Effects of Physical Activity on the Wellbeing of Children and Young People [Martin R. Lindley and Deborah Youdell] 3. Learning About Sexuality `Between' Home and School: A New Materialist Reading [Louisa Allen] 4. Challenging the Myth That `The Parents Don't Care': Family Teachings About Education For `Educationally Disengaged' Young People [Sam Mcmahon, Anna Hickey-Moody and Valerie Harwood] 5. Close to Home: What Kind of Family Should We Become? [Lisette Burrows] Section 2: Family's Health and Physical Activity 6. Parents as Pawns in Fitnesgram's War on Obesity [Carolym Pluim And Michael Gard] 7. 'The Family That Eats Together Stays Together': Governing Families, Governing Health, Governing Pedagogies [Jo Pike and Deana Leahy] 8. Manufacturing [Parental] Consent: A Critical Analysis of the HPVV Informed Consent Process in Ontario, Canada [Leanne Petherick, Moss E. Norman and Genevieve Rail] 9. Health and Physical Activity Messages Among Ethnic Minority Groups: South Asian Families [Whitney Babakus-Curry] 10. `Pedagogised Families' Health and Physical Culture: Intersectionality of Race and Social Class [Symeon Dagkas] 11. Early Years Learning [EYL], Class and Ability [Julie Stirrup and John Evans] 12. Who Cares? Physical Activity, Families and Children in Care [Thomas Quarmby] Section 3: Family Physical Education and Youth Sport 13. Teachers' Perspectives on The School-Family-Health Nexus [Eimear Enright, Rebecca Johnson, Doune Macdonald, Louise McCauig and Anthony Rossi] 14. Families, Youth and Extra-Curricular Activity: Implications for Physical Education and School Sport [Andy Smith and David Haycock] 15. The Swedish Model for Sport, Recreation and Health in Times of Change: A Sustainable Contract with The Family of Sport? [Suzanne Lundvall And Dean Barker] 16. Family Narratives of PE, Physical Activity and Sport: Contingent Stories [Fiona Dowling] 17. Families, Disability and Sport [Hayley Fitzgerald] 18. Sport Parent Roles in Fostering Positive Youth Development [Michael Blair Evans, Veronica Allan, Matthew Vierimaa and Jean Cote]

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