Beyond text? : critical practices and sensory anthropology


Beyond text? : critical practices and sensory anthropology

edited by Rupert Cox, Andrew Irving and Christopher Wright

Manchester University Press, 2016

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Bibliography: p. 202-212

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Beyond text? Critical practices and sensory anthropology is about the relationship between anthropological understandings of the world, sensory perception and aesthetic practices. It suggests that if different sensory experiences embody and facilitate different kinds of knowledge, then we need to develop new methods and more creative forms of representation that are not based solely around text or on correspondence theories of truth. The volume brings together leading figures in anthropology, visual and sound studies to explore how knowledge, sensation and embodied experiences can be researched and represented by combining different visual, aural and textual forms which it demonstrates through an accompanying DVD. The book and DVD make an argument for a necessary, critical development in anthropological ways of knowing that take place not merely at the level of theory and representation but also through innovative fieldwork methods and media practices. -- .


Introduction: The sense of the senses - Rupert Cox, Andrew Irving and Christoper Wright 1. Appropriations across disciplines: the future of art and anthropology collaborations - Arnd Schneider PHOTO-ESSAYS 2. Spiti: some notes on the practice of documentary photography - Patrick Sutherland 3. Random Manhattan: thinking and moving beyond text - Andrew Irving 4. Exile, the sorrow of time and place - Lydia Nakashima Degarrod 5. Looking for Libeskind in Sri Lanka - James Thompson 6. The saving face of death: anthropology and the scene of knowing - Paul Carter SOUND 7. Transplant (excerpt) - John Wynne and Tim Wainwright 8. Ochlophonic Study #3: Hong Kong (excerpt) - John Levack Drever 9. The Castaways Project Steven Feld and Virginia Ryan 10. Air Pressure: a sound film - Angus Carlyle and Rupert Cox 11. Sounds from Dangerous Places: Chernobyl - Peter Cusack 12. Contest Behaviour (excerpt) - Louise K. Wilson FILM 13. Films about ordinary people: the Japanese home drama and virtual ethnography - Catherine Russell 14. Balkan Rhapsodies: 78 Short Films - Jeff Daniel Silva 15. Sweetgrass: 'Baaaaaaah. Bleeeeeeet.' - Lucien Castaing-Taylor 16. Cottonopolis: cinematography, ethnography, historiography and texture - Cathy Greenhalgh 17. Christmas with Wawa: a video experiment with Yolngu aesthetics - Jennifer Deger 18. Sensing cultures: cinema, ethnography and the senses - David Howes 19. After cultural theory: the power of images, the lure of immediacy - Janet Wolff Appendix: DVD contents Bibliography Index -- .

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