Language and identity politics : a cross-Atlantic perspective


    • Späti, Christina


Language and identity politics : a cross-Atlantic perspective

edited by Christina Späti

Berghahn Books, 2016

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



In an increasingly multicultural world, the relationship between language and identity remains a complicated and often fraught subject for most societies. The growing political salience of questions relating to language is evident not only in the expanded implementation of new policies and legislation, but also in heated public debates about national unity, collective identities, and the rights of linguistic minorities. By taking a comprehensive approach that considers both the inclusive and exclusive dimensions of linguistic identity across Europe and North America, the studies assembled here provide a sophisticated look at one of the global era's defining political dynamics.


Figures and Tables Acknowledgements Introduction: Language and the Rise of Identity Politics: An Introduction Christina Spati PART I: LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY POLITICS: THEORY AND CONCEPTS Chapter 1. Language and Collective Identity: Theorising Complexity Peter Ives Chapter 2. The Politics of Linguistic Identity in Europe: Between the Expression of Power and the Power of Expressivity Peter A. Kraus PART II: LANGUAGE AND COLLECTIVE IDENTITY IN MULTILINGUAL STATES Chapter 3. Language and Identity Politics in Belgium Claude Javeau Chapter 4. Plurilingualism and Identity Politics: The Case of Switzerland Christina Spati Chapter 5. Languages and Collective Identities in Switzerland: The Case of Bilingual Cantons (Bern, Fribourg, Valais) Manuel Meune Chapter 6. Language Rights and Language Endangerment in Canada: The Case of Indigenous Languages Donna Patrick PART III: LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY POLITICS IN IMMIGRATION SOCIETIES Chapter 7. Immigrants and the Reframing of Language and National Identity Politics in the United States Ronald Schmidt, Sr. Chapter 8. Challenges of Diversity: Language and Immigration in Switzerland Damir Skenderovic Chapter 9. Language and the Transformation of Identity Politics in Minority Francophone Communities in Canada: Between Collective Linguistic Identity and Individualistic Integration Policies Nicole Gallant Conclusion: The Problematic Nexus of Language and Identity: Some Concluding Remarks Robert Gould Bibliography Index

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