Race and family : a structural approach


Race and family : a structural approach

Roberta L. Coles

Rowman & Littlefield, c2016

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Previous ed. published by Sage, c2006

Includes bibliographical references (p. 319-362) and indexes



The second edition of Race and Family maintains the book's distinctive feature-its structural lens-while featuring new material throughout. Race and Family focuses on demographic, economic, and historical-legal factors that impact all families, though often disparately. The text also includes separate chapters focusing on the histories and diversity within each major racial-ethnic group.


Brief Table of Contents 1. Introduction Overview of the Text Discussion of Key Concepts Resources 2. Approaching the Study of Race and Family Economic Factors Demographic Factors Historical-Legal Factors Resources 3. A Brief History of the American Family American Families through the Centuries Resources 4. Cross-Cultural Comparisons Social or Legal Marriage Marriage Types and Choices Marriage as a Family Affair Family Power Systems Family Functions Resources 5. Family Structures Prevalence of Family Structure from the Child's Perspective Pathways to Single Parenthood Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Structures Extended Family Households Nonfamily Households Resources 6. Gender Relations and Sex Ratios Gender Construction and Socialization Sex Ratios African American Gender Issues Native American Gender Issues Latina/o Gender Issues Asian American Gender Issues Domestic Violence Resources 7. Intergenerational Relationships: Parent and Child Individual and Communal Orientations Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Children's Well-Being Racial Socialization Resources 8 Intergenerational Relationships in Late Life: The Elderly, Their Adult Children, and Their Grandchildren Intergenerational Interaction Caregiving for the Ill Elderly Illness and Death Death Resources 9. African American Families How Did Slavery Shape Black American Families? African American Families after Slavery African American Families Today Resources 10. Native American Families Looking Back in History The State of American Indian Families Today Resources 11. Latino American Families Manner and Timing of Entry Effects of History and Immigration on Socioeconomic Status Familism and Cultural Commonalities Divergent Family Trends among Latino Ethnic Groups Resources 12. Asian American Families East Asians in America Southeast Asians in America Asian American Families Today Resources 13. Middle Eastern American Families Religions in the Middle East Their Immigration History Current Demographics and Family Life Resources 14. Acculturation and Multiracial Family Issues Acculturation Multiracial Issues Resources

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