Rethinking education for social cohesion : international case studies


Rethinking education for social cohesion : international case studies

edited by Maha Shuayb

(Education, economy and society)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

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"Centre for Lebanese Studies."

Includes bibliographical references and index



This book addresses current debates in the field of social cohesion. It examines the ethics and policy making of social cohesion and explores various means for promoting social cohesion including history education, citizenship education, language, human rights based teacher training and school partnerships.


  • Foreword Acknowledgements Abbreviations Notes on Contributors Introduction
  • M.Shuayb PART I: THE THEORY AND POLITICS OF SOCIAL COHESION From Social Cohesion to Social Justice and Care in Education: Re-visiting the Theory and Practice
  • M.Shuayb Education, Social Cohesion and Human Rights
  • H.Starkey Multicultural Citizenship and Social Cohesion: Reflecting on the Case Study of England
  • D.Kiwan The Historical Legacy and Political Implications of State and Sectarian Schools in Lebanon
  • M.Farha Education for Social Cohesion in Lebanon: The Educational Reform Experiment in the Wake of the Lebanese War
  • M.Abou Assali Education as a Basic Means in Building Societal Cohesion in Lebanon: An Unfinished Task
  • N.Frayha Common School or Common System? R.Pring PART II: MEANS FOR PROMOTING SOCIAL COHESION: EVIDENCE FROM THE FIELD Building Social Inclusion and Community Cohesion: The Role of the Citizenship-rich School
  • T.Breslin Current Models and Approaches to Social Cohesion in Secondary Schools in Lebanon
  • M.Shuayb Civics Re-examined: The Gap Between Civic Education and Active Citizenship in Lebanon
  • B.Akar Promoting a Rights-based Perspective in Initial Teacher Education
  • L.Jerome & A.McCallum Achieving Social Cohesion in Europe through Education: A Success Story
  • R.Garcia Carrion School Linking as a means of Fostering Community Cohesion
  • S.Ali The Power of Language: How Small Shifts in Language Create Big Shifts in Relationships and Behaviour: A Guide for Teachers, Students, Leaders and Parents
  • A.Asseily Teaching and Learning History for Strengthening Reconciliation and Peace Building Process: Experience of the Council of Europe
  • T.Minkina-Milko Conclusion
  • M.Shuayb Index

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