Autism spectrum disorder : perspectives from psychoanalysis and neuroscience


    • Sherkow, Susan P.
    • Harrison, Alexandra
    • Singletary, William


Autism spectrum disorder : perspectives from psychoanalysis and neuroscience

Susan P. Sherkow and Alexandra M. Harrison ; with contributions by William M. Singletary

Jason Aronson, c2014

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p.181-192) and index



Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience, offers a guide to understanding and treating the ASD toddler from the dual perspectives of psychoanalysis and neurofunction through describing in great detail intensive treatments of four children who began therapy as toddlers. The authors hypothesize that dyadic therapy and Reflective Network Therapy can impact a child by modifying the biochemistry of the brain, resulting in alteration of emotion and cognition. Their chapter on neurobiological mechanisms of change describes these hypotheses in depth.


Acknowledgments Preface William Singletary, MD Introduction Part I. Dyadic Therapy Chapter 1: Introduction to Dyadic Work with Toddlers Chapter 2: Johnny Chapter 3: Corey Chapter 4: Ethan Chapter 5: Conclusion Part II. Referential Network Therapy Chapter 6: Introduction to the Method of Referential Network Therapy Chapter 7: Dahlia Part III. Neurobiology and Psychoanalysis William Singletary, MD Chapter 8: Neurobiology, Neuroplasticity and Psychoanalytic Treatment Chapter 9: Models of ASD: A Remarkable Confluence Conclusion References Index About the Authors

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