Handbook of research methods and applications in entrepreneurship and small business


Handbook of research methods and applications in entrepreneurship and small business

edited by Alan Carsrud, Malin Brännback

(Handbooks of research methods and applications)

Edward Elgar, c2014

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This thought provoking book builds on existing research traditions that make small business, entrepreneurship and family business a resource rich arena for study. It steps back to ask fundamental questions that every researcher should consider prior to engaging in data collection. It focuses on topics that have traditionally frustrated researchers including experimental methods in small business research, scale development, control variables and language issues in cross cultural research. The distinguished authors also address subjects such as theory development and testing in entrepreneurship, as well as determining if progress in research has been made and how that can be measured. Critically, many of the chapters highlight ways in which research can be both practical yet theoretically important. Bringing together quantitative and qualitative techniques and taking an investigative approach almost totally ignored in entrepreneurship research, this unique volume will be of special interest to anyone studying small and family businesses or entrepreneurship and business.


Contents: 1. Research in Entrepreneurship: An Introduction to the Research Challenges for the 21st Century Alan L. Carsrud, Malin Brannback and Richard T. Harrison 2. Thoughts on the Challenge of Empirical Research in Entrepreneurship David Deeds 3. From Philosophy of Science to Theory Testing: Generating Practical Knowledge in Entrepreneurship Tom Kenworthy and Ed McMullen 4. Measuring Progress in Entrepreneurship Research Linda F. Edelman, Tatiana S. Manolova, Candida G. Brush and Scott Latham 5. Experimental Methods in Entrepreneurship Research Kelly G. Shaver 6. Looking into the Future: Valid Multiple- and Single-Item Measures in Entrepreneurship Research Leon Schjoedt, Maija Renko and Kelly G. Shaver 7. Control Variables: Use, Misuse and Recommended Use Leon Schjoedt and Barbara Bird 8. Cross-Cultural Studies in Entrepreneurship: A Note on Culture and Language Malin Brannback, Stefan Lang, Alan Carsrud and Siri Terjesen 9. Fighting a Rearguard Action? Reflections on the Philosophy and Practice of Qualitative Research in Entrepreneurship Richard T. Harrison and Claire M. Leitch 10. Ethnographic Approaches to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research: What Lessons Can We Learn? Karin Berglund and Caroline Wigren 11. The Practice Approach and Interactive Research in Entrepreneurship and Small-Scale Venturing Bengt Johannisson Index

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