The health effects of asbestos : an evidence-based approach


    • Smith, Dorsett D.


The health effects of asbestos : an evidence-based approach

Dorsett D. Smith

CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, c2016

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The health-related effects of asbestos have long been mired in controversy, with industry and plaintiff attorneys playing a significant role. This comprehensive book provides a balanced and extensive evidence-based critical analysis of the literature concerning asbestos-related diseases, from a scientific and historical perspective. The book presents a carefully referenced review of the medical literature on the health effects of asbestos, and reflects the extensive experience of the author in evaluating patients with asbestos-related disorders.


How to Critically Read and Find Truth in the Medical Scientific Literature Limitations of Epidemiologic Exposure Studies on the Health Effects of Asbestos Sources of Bias Clinical Toxicology of Asbestos Mineralogy ingestion Skin Contact and Other Routes of Exposure Asbestos Fiber toxic Mechanisms Deposition and Clearance of Asbestos Fibers Occupational Exposures and Regulations Asbestos Exposures to Building Occupants Asbestos Exposures in Outdoor Ambient Air Asbestos in Drinking Water and Food History of Asbestos Commercial Use and Discovery of Adverse Health Effects: Asbestosis What Is Asbestosis and What Is Not: Radiology and Pathology Correlates the Association of Lung Cancer and Asbestosis Asbestos and Animal Studies Pathophysiology The Helsinki Criteria The Effect of Smoking and Lung Cancer Asbestos-Related Pleural Disease Disability and Impairment in Asbestosis and Asbestos-Related Diffuse Pleural Disease The Evolution of Workers' Compensation and Employer Responsibility Does Asbestos Cause Additional Malignancies Other than Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma? Asbestos and Renal Cancer Asbestos and Upper GI Tract Cancer Carcinoma of the Larynx: The Role of Asbestos The Role of HPV: The Elephant in the Room Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Asbestos Exposure Ovarian Cancer and Asbestos Exposure Autoimmune Disease Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma Early Discovery: 1767-1900 Histologic Controversy: 1900-1942 Definition and Suspicion: 1943-1960 Association and Causation: 1960-1973 The Many Causes of Mesothelioma Known Naturally Occurring Mesotheliogenic Mineral Fibers Other Causes of Mesothelioma Not Related to Asbestiform Mineral Fibers Mesothelioma and Asbestos Fiber Type Chrysotile and Mesothelioma The Fiber toxicology of Chrysotile Asbestos The Tremolite Hypothesis Mesothelioma Latency and Risk Risk Modeling Household and Neighborhood Exposure to Asbestos What Did Asbestos Pipe insulation Manufacturers and the U.S. Navy Understand About the Risk to Manufacturing Employees and End Users? Naval and Shipyard Exposure The intervention of Government to Provide Safety Standards NIOSH/ACGIH Standards Is there a Safe Or Risk-Free Level of Asbestos Exposure? How Do We Define Risk? Some Commonplace Risks for Death

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