Future directions for the European shrinking city


    • Neill, William J. V.
    • Schlappa, Hans


Future directions for the European shrinking city

edited by William J.V. Neill and Hans Schlappa

(The RTPI library series)

Routledge, 2016

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Urban shrinkage is rising to the top of the political agenda in Europe as more cities are shrinking in the prolonged economic downturn we encounter. Coupled with unprecedented budgetary austerity and rapidly ageing populations, 'stagnating' and 'shrinking' cities have emerged as a key challenge for policy and practice for decades to come. Local actors need to find new ways of collaborating across sectors, agencies and disciplines to unlock opportunities for interventions that mitigate the worst effects of urban shrinkage and long-term decline. Future Directions for the European Shrinking City focuses on policy and planning interventions that can be taken by municipalities and their local stakeholders to tackle stagnation and decline. With case studies from a range of European countries this book proposes ways to tackle shrinkage through governance, policy, planning, social, economic and management interventions. Edited by William J.V. Neill and Hans Schlappa, this book is ideally suited for policy makers and practitioners in urban planning, regeneration, and economic development dealing with pressing spatial and socio-economic issues on a European scale.


1. W(h)ither the European shrinking city?-William J. V. Neill and Hans Schlappa 2. Carry on shrinking? The bankruptcy of urban policy in Detroit-William J. V. Neill 3. Governing social cohesion in shrinking cities: the cases of Ostrava, Genoa and Leipzig-Caterina Cortese, Katrin Grossmann, Annegret Haase and Iva Ticha 4. Civic engagement and development strategies: learning from the experience of participatory rural redevelopment-David Houston, Stephen McKay and Michael Murray 5. The role of the social economy in the shrinking city-Brendan Murtagh 6. Doing things differently: co-producing responses to urban shrinkage-Hans Schlappa 7. The challenge of temporary usage in the shrinking city: a report from the 'laboratory of Berlin'-Christian Porst and William J. V. Neill 8. Shrinking cities and food: place-making for sustainable renewal, reuse and retrofit-Susan Parham 9. Green open spaces and urban perforation - opportunities, concepts and challenges for shrinking cities-Cornelius Scherzer 10. Managing brownfield land in stagnant land markets-Uwe Ferber and Hans Schlappa 11. Managing service infrastructures in shrinking cities: challenges and opportunities-Jorg Walther 12. Coming of age: age-friendly strategies for shrinking cities-Roos Galjaard 13. If not growth what then? Re-thinking the strategy process for shrinking cities-Hans Schlappa 14. Conclusions: priorities for tackling shrinkage in Europe's cities-Hans Schlappa and William J. V. Neill

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