Equity and trusts : text, cases, and materials



Equity and trusts : text, cases, and materials

Richard Clements, Ademola Abass

(Complete : law solution)

Oxford University Press, c2015

4th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Providing an essential resource for a first course in equity and trusts, Complete Equity and Trusts provides an accessible blend of cases, materials, and clear explanatory text. Suitable for new law students, Clements and Abass clearly outline the core topics in the subject in an approachable and unimposing way with reference to a broad range of related materials. Designed to offer a comprehensive and stand-alone resource, the range of supporting features ensures that students feel confident in tackling the complex and diverse issues related to this field of law. Key terms and cases are highlighted throughout, while learning objectives, self-test questions, and concluding summaries for each chapter help to reinforce students' understanding and fully prepare them for assessment.


  • 1. The birth of equity and trusts
  • 2. Maxims of equity
  • 3. The different types of trust
  • 4. Trusts and powers and the three certainties
  • 5. The formality requirements and incompletely constituted trusts
  • 6. Proprietary estoppel
  • 7. The disposal of property on death
  • 8. Resulting trusts
  • 9. Unincorporated associations and the beneficiary principle
  • 10. Charitable trusts
  • 11. The duties of trustees: with special reference to investment
  • 12. Maintenance and advancement and potective trusts
  • 13. The appointment of trustees
  • 14. Variation of trust
  • 15. Breach of trust
  • 16. Constructive trusts
  • 17. Tracing
  • 18. Trusts of the family home
  • 19. Equitable remedies

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