Handbook on biodiversity and ecosystem services in impact assessment


    • Geneletti, Davide


Handbook on biodiversity and ecosystem services in impact assessment

edited by Davide Geneletti

(Research handbooks on impact assessment)

Edward Elgar, c2016

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This Handbook presents state-of-the-art methodological guidance and discussion of international practice related to the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in impact assessment, featuring contributions from leading researchers and practitioners the world over. Its multidisciplinary approach covers contributions across five continents to broaden the scope of the field both thematically and geographically. A multifaceted variety of case studies provide examples of the use of information on biodiversity and ecosystem services in different types of impact assessment to improve decisions at all levels, from strategic choices to individual projects. In addition to its discussion of how biodiversity and ecosystem services can improve the salience and effectiveness of impact assessment, this Handbook presents a range of applications and possible solutions to challenges in key policy and planning sectors, including urban development, land use, energy, marine areas, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, health and tourism. This Handbook's combination of cutting-edge literature and methodological guidance supports researchers, practitioners and students in developing and implementing biodiversity and ecosystem services-inclusive impact assessment processes, which can contribute to better decisions about the use of our lands and waters. As such, it will appeal not only to scholars of impact assessment but of environmental sciences, environmental engineering, natural sciences, planning and economics as well.


Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction Davide Geneletti PART 1 MAINSTREAMING BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES IN IMPACT ASSESSMENT TYPES 2. Spatial Ecosystem Service Analysis for Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects Lisa Mandle and Heather Tallis 3. Ecosystem Services Analysis for Strategic Environmental Assessment: Concepts and Examples Davide Geneletti 4. Scoping Health Impact Assessment: Ecosystem Services as a Framing Device Pierre Horwitz and Margot W. Parkes 5. Matching an Ecosystem Services Approach with Social Impact Assessment Leena Karrasch 6. Economic Evaluation of the Impacts of Transportation Infrastructures on Ecosystem Services Lea Tardieu 7. Addressing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment Assumpcio Anton, Danielle Maia de Souza, Felix Teillard and Llorenc Mila i Canals PART II APPLICATIONS IN DIFFERENT SECTORS 8. Impacts of Urban Development on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Berit Balfors, Juan Azcarate, Ulla Mortberg, Marten Karlson and Sara Odelius Gordon 9. Impacts of Agricultural and Forest Management on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Christine Furst, Susanne Frank, Marcos Jimenez, Daniel Alejandro Rozas Vasquez, Katrin Pietzsch and Frank Pietzsch 10. Applications of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Impact Assessment in Spatial Planning Leena Kopperoinen, Christian Albert and Pekka Itkonen 11. Ecosystem Services in Marine Environmental Impact Assessment: Tools to Support Marine Planning at Project and Strategic Scales Tara Hooper, Olivia Langmead and Matthew Ashley 12. Understanding the Impacts of Ecotourism on Biodiversity: A Multi-Scale, Cumulative Issue Influenced by Perceptions and Politics David Newsome and Mike Hughes 13. Exploring the Tradeoffs Between Wind Energy and Biodiversity Conservation Lea Bulling and Johann Koppel 14. Cumulative Effects of Dams on Biodiversity Asha Rajvanshi PART III CURRENT ISSUES AND CHALLENGES 15 Addressing the Interactions Between Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation in Impact Assessment Dilys Roe and Davide Geneletti 16. Biodiversity Offsets for `No Net Loss' Through Impact Assessment Susie Brownlie and Jo Treweek 17. Mitigation for the People: An Ecosystem Services Framework Heather Tallis, Christina M. Kennedy, Mary Ruckelshaus, Joshua Goldstein and Joseph M. Kiesecker 18. Promoting Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Adaptation in Cities Through Impact Assessment Davide Geneletti, Linda Zardo and Chiara Cortinovis 19. Where are the Best Places for the Next Billion People? Think Globally, Plan Regionally Richard T.T. Forman and Jianguo (Jingle) Wu CONCLUSIONS 20. Strengthening Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Impact Assessment for Better Decisions Davide Geneletti Index

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