Cytochrome complexes : evolution, structures, energy transduction, and signaling



Cytochrome complexes : evolution, structures, energy transduction, and signaling

edited by William A. Cramer, Toivo Kallas

(Advances in photosynthesis and respiration, v. 41)

Springer, c2016

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



An Introduction that describes the origin of cytochrome notation also connects to the history of the field, focusing on research in England in the pre-World War II era. The start of the modern era of studies on structure-function of cytochromes and energy-transducing membrane proteins was marked by the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, given to J. Deisenhofer, H. Michel, and R. Huber for determination of the crystal structure of the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center. An ab initio logic of presentation in the book discusses the evolution of cytochromes and hemes, followed by theoretical perspectives on electron transfer in proteins and specifically in cytochromes. There is an extensive description of the molecular structures of cytochromes and cytochrome complexes from eukaryotic and prokaryotic sources, bacterial, plant and animal. The presentation of atomic structure information has a major role in these discussions, and makes an important contribution to the broad field of membrane protein structure-function.


  • Preface.- I. Diversity and Evolution. 1. Keilin, Cytochrome and its Nomenclature
  • D.S. Bendall.- 2. When did Hemes enter the Scene of Life? On the Natural History of Heme Cofactors and Heme-Containing Enzymes
  • A.-L. Ducluzeau, W. Nitschke.- 3. The Diversity of Photosynthetic Cytochromes
  • E.L.W. Majumder, R.E. Blankenship.- 4. Evolution of Photosynthetic NDH-1: Structure and Physiological Function
  • T. Shikanai, E.-M. Aro.- II. Theoretical Aspects of Electron Transfer.- 5. Fundamentals of Electron Transfer in Proteins
  • L.I. Krishtalik.- 6. Theoretical Analysis of Electron Transfer in Proteins, from Simple Proteins to Complex Machineries
  • G.M. Ullmann et al.- III. Molecular Structures and Functions of Cytochrome Complexes.- A. Photosynthetic Reaction Centers and Linked Cytochromes.- 7. Higher Plant and Cyanobacterial Photosystem I: Connected Cytochrome Pathways
  • Y. Mazor, N. Nelson.- 8. Cytochrome b559 in Photosystem II
  • F. Muh, A. Zouni.- B. Structure-Function of Cytochrome bc1 and b6f Complexes. 9. Structure-Function of the Cytochrome b6f Lipoprotein Complex
  • W.A. Cramer, S. Saif Hasan.- 10. Structure-Function Studies of the Cytochrome bc1 Complex of Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Purple Bacteria
  • L. Esser et al.- 11. Rieske Iron-Sulfur Protein Movement and Conformational Changes in the Cytochrome bc1 - b6f Complex
  • L. Huang, E. Berry.- 12. Structural Perspective of Ferredoxin NAD(P)H Reductase Reactions with Cytochrome b6f Complexes
  • G. Kurisu.- 13. Alternative Rieske Iron-Sulfur Subunits and Small Polypeptides of Cyantobacterial Cytochrome b6f Complexes
  • M. Rogner et al.- 14. Inter-Monomer Electron Transfer in Cytochrome bc Complexes
  • M. Sarewicz et al.- 15. Haem ci or cn of Cytochrome b6f Complex, a Short Retrospective
  • F. Zito, J. Alric.- C. Cytochrome Oxidases.- 16. Structure and Function of Bacterial Cytochrome c Oxidases
  • J.A. Lyons et al.- 17. The Respiratory Terminal Oxidases of Cyanobacteria
  • G. Schmetterer.- 18. XFEL Studies on Bovine Heart Cytochrome c Oxidase
  • S. Yoshikawa.- 19. Structure and Mechanism of Action of the Alternative Quinol Oxidases
  • L. Young et al.- IV. Superoxide Generation in Cytochrome bc Complexes.- 20. Mechanisms of Superoxide Generation and Signaling in Cytochrome bc Complexes
  • D. Baniulis et al.- 21. Electron Transfer Reactions at the Qo Site of the Cytochrome bc1 Complex: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • N. Fisher et al.- V. Cytochrome Complexes, Signaling, and Regulation.- 22. Role of the Cytochrome b6f Complex in Regulating Electron Flow and the Dynamics of Photosynthesis
  • G. Finazzi et al.- 23. A Supercomplex of Cytochrome bf and Photosystem I for Cyclic Electron Flow
  • J. Minagawa.- 24. State Transition Kinases and Redox Signal Transduction in Chloroplasts
  • J.-D. Rochaix.- 25. Regulating Synthesis of Cytochromes
  • S. Zappa, C.E. Bauer.- VI. Assembly of Cytochrome Complexes and Super-Complexes.- 26. Co-Factor Assembly of Cytochrome bc1-b6f Complexes
  • P. Hamel.- 27. Biogenesis of Cytochrome c Complexes: From Insertion of Redox Cofactors to Assemtly of Different Subunits
  • B. Khalfaoui-Hassani et al.- 28. Assembly of Transmembrane b-type Cytochromes and Cytochrome Complexes
  • H.-G. Koch, D. Schneider.- 29. Respiratory Cytochrome Supercomplexes
  • G. Lenaz, M.L. Genova.- VII. Branched Pathways and Cryptic Cytochromes.- 30. The Interaction between Cytochrome f and Plastocyanin or Cytochrome c6
  • D.S. Bendall, C.J. Howe.- 31. Cytochrome c6 of Cyanobacteria and Algae: From the Structure to the Interaction
  • I. Diaz-Moreno et al.- 32. Electron Partitioning in Anoxic Phototrophic Bacteria
  • M.A. Spero et al.- 33. Cytochrome c6a of Chloroplasts
  • C.J. Howe et al.- 34. Cryptic c6-like Cytochromes and Cytochrome cm of Cyanobacteria
  • W. Bialek et al.- 35. Cytochromes and Electron Transfer Pathways of Cyanobacteria
  • T. Kallas.- Index.

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