Organizational change and strategy : an interlevel dynamics approach



Organizational change and strategy : an interlevel dynamics approach

David Coghlan, Nicholas S. Rashford and João Neiva de Figueiredo

Routledge, 2016

2nd ed

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Organizations change, usually driven by strategies, yet strategic management and organizational change are generally understood as separate domains in the business world. This book integrates the behavioural dynamics of learning, change and strategy at and across individual, team, interdepartmental, group and organizational levels. This new edition emphasizes what can be done in organizations to enable strategy to be effective and to help organizations to change and learn. Central to the book is a reflexive engagement approach through inviting the readers to apply concepts to their own organizational situations and via reflective exercises. The authors also offer cases from a wide range of organizations, from universities to steel and digital businesses. This practical book addresses managers, consultants, students and researchers and provides specific orientation to assist each readership group to learn from its own perspective.


Preface Part I Setting up: Reflexive Engagement, Levels, and Interlevels 1. An Invitation to Reflexive Engagement 2. Templates and Context for Reflexive Engagement 3. Organizational Levels: Theory and practice 4. Interlevel Dynamics Part II Interlevel Learning and Changing 5. The Process of Learning and Changing 6. The Interlevel Dynamics of Organizational Changing 7. Phases and Levels of Organizational Learning and Changing Part III The Strategizing Process through Interlevel Change 8. Introducing Strategy and the Five Strategic Foci 9. Framing the Corporate Picture 10. Naming the Corporate Words 11. Determining Corporate Alternatives by Analyzing 12. Choosing and Implementing Corporate Actions 13. Evaluating Corporate Actions Part IV Integrating and Applying 14. Strategizing, Learning and Changing 15. Integrative Case Conclusion

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