Andreas Gursky : landscapes


Andreas Gursky : landscapes

Parrish Art Museum , Gagosian Gallery , Distributed by Rizzoli International Publications, c2015

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Exhibition catalogue

Catalogue of the exhibition held at Parrish Art Museum, Aug. 2-Oct. 18, 2015

List of works: p. [60]-[61]

Includes biography



Just as painters of previous centuries found their subjects in the realities of everyday life, Andreas Gursky finds inspiration in his own spontaneous visual experience and in reports of global phenomena in the daily media. The resulting pictures, depicted here in gorgeous full-color spreads, have a formal congruence deriving from a bold and edgy dialogue between photography and painting, empirical observation and artfulness, conceptual rigor and spontaneity, representation and abstraction. Parrish Art Museum director Terrie Sultan provides a perfect introduction to the twenty-plus works that span three decades of the artist's career. Sultan highlights how Gursky's worldview fuses the flux of life and nature with the stillness of metaphysical reflection, while at the same time situating his work within the world of landscape painting more generally.

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