Building resistance to stress and aging : the toughness model


Building resistance to stress and aging : the toughness model

Richard A. Dienstbier

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The toughness model proposed in this book incorporates psychological research and neuroscience to explain how a variety of toughening activities - ranging from confronting mental and physical challenges to meditation - sustain our brains and bodies, and ultimately build our mental and psychological capacities degenerated by stress and by aging.


Introduction 1. Toughness: An Opponent Process 2. The Basic Brain: Grand Structures 3. The Basic Brain: Neurons and Neurochemistry 4. Heredity, Genes, and Environment PART II - INTRODUCTION TO CHAPTERS 5-6: IMPACTS OF STRESSORS, AGING & OBESITY 5. Stress and Challenge: Kinds of Arousal 6. Long-term Stress: Stress Kills Neurons Too 7. The Aging of Brain: Not for Sissies 8. Fat and the Brain: Dumbing with Adiposity PART III - INTRODUCTION TO CHAPTERS 9-14: TOUGHENING AT LAST 9. Basic Toughness: Helplessness and Cold 10. Basic Toughness: Scandinavians and Exercise 11. Nurturance Toughens and Neglect Weakens 12. Cognitive Enrichment Toughens 13. Physical Exercise Toughens 14. Toughening Through Meditation PART IV - INTRODUCTION TO CHAPTERS 15-18 - APPLICATIONS OF TOUGHNESS 15. Toughness Affects Learning 16. Toughening Self Control and Mental Energy 17. Toughness, Emotional Control, and Therapy 18. Summary and a Full Model: It's a Tough Life ?

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