The sociology of food and agriculture


The sociology of food and agriculture

Michael Carolan

(Earthscan food and agriculture)

Routledge, 2016

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Previous ed. published 2012



In this second edition of The Sociology of Food and Agriculture, students are provided with a substantially revised and updated introductory text to this emergent field. The book begins with the recent development of agriculture under capitalism and neo-liberal regimes, and the transformation of farming and peasant agriculture from a small-scale, family-run way of life to a globalized system. Topics such as the global hunger and obesity challenges, GM foods, and international trade and subsidies are assessed as part of the world food economy. The final section concentrates on themes of sustainability, food security, and food sovereignty. The book concludes on a positive note, examining alternative agri-food movements aimed at changing foodscapes at levels from the local to the global. With increased coverage of the financialization of food, food and culture, gender, ethnicity and justice, food security, and food sovereignty, the book is perfect for students with little or no background in sociology and is also suitable for more advanced courses as a comprehensive primer. All chapters include learning objectives, suggested discussion questions, and recommendations for further reading to aid student learning.


1. Introduction to the Field and the Changing Structure of Agriculture Part 1: Global Food Economy 2. Understanding the Food System: Past, Present, and Future 3. Malnutrition: Hidden and Visible 4. Financialization of Food Part 2: Community, Culture, and Knowledge 5. Community, Labor, and Peasants 6. Food and Culture 7. Gender, Ethnicity, and Justice 8. Agrobiocultural Diversity and Knowledge Transfer Part 3: Food Security and the Environment 9. Agroecosystems and the Nature of "Natures" 10. Food, Agriculture, and the Environment 11. Food Security and Food Sovereignty Part 4: Agrifood Futures 12. Alternative Agrofood Networks 13. The "Traps" in Agrifood Studies... and Beyond

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