The handbook of student affairs administration


    • McClellan, George S.
    • Stringer, Jeremy


The handbook of student affairs administration

George S. McClellan, Jeremy Stringer and associates

Jossey-Bass, c2016

4th ed

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes

"NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education"--On cover



The Foremost Authorities on Student Affairs Address Issues Facing The Field Today The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration is a comprehensive and thoughtful resource for the field, with expert insight on the issues facing student affairs. This fourth edition has been fully updated to reflect the most current and effective practices in student affairs administration. New chapters address persistence, retention, and completion; teaching and learning; working with athletics and recreation; leadership; purpose and civic engagement; spirituality; and fundraising. Emerging populations are discussed throughout, featuring specific advice for working with veterans and dual-enrolling high school students. New material includes the role of student affairs in study abroad programs, student use of technology and using social media to serve students, working with student athletes, and more. Professionals at all levels of student affairs administration need practical, timely, and applied information on the myriad issues that fall under the student affairs umbrella. This NASPA-sponsored guide collects the latest information, methods, and advice from the field's leading authorities to bring you up to date on the latest solutions and best practices. * Learn about the dominant organization and administration models in student affairs * Stay up to date on core competencies and professional development models * Examine the latest literature, and consider both the newest and lasting issues facing student affairs * Instructor resources available As both the student population and the college experience grow more diverse, student affairs professionals need to update their toolset to face the broader scope of the field and the new challenges that arise every day. The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration provides invaluable guidance to graduate students and professionals alike, and is the one resource you should not be without.


Preface Acknowledgments The Authors Part One: Contexts of Professional Practice 1 A Long and Honorable History : Student Affairs in the United States Michael D. Coomes and Janice J. Gerda 2 The Importance of Institutional Mission Joan B. Hirt and Claire K. Robbins 3 Understanding Campus Environments Jillian Kinzie and Victor Arcelus 4 Fiscal Pressures on Higher Education and Student Affairs John H. Schuh 5 Accountability Sherry L. Mallory and Linda M. Clement 6 Student Affairs and Services in Global Perspective Brett Perozzi and Enrique Ramos Part Two: Frameworks for Professional Practice 7 An Overview of Relevant Theories and Models of Practice Terrell L. Strayhorn 8 Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom Peter Magolda and Tony Ribera 9 Measuring Student Success: Models and Metrics Lori Varlotta 10 Maintaining and Modeling Everyday Ethics in Student Affairs Jon C. Dalton, Pamela C. Crosby, Aurelio Valente, and David Eberhardt 11 Applying Professional Standards Stephanie Gordon 12 The Role of Professional Associations Nancy J. Evans and Jessica J. Ranero-Ramirez Part Three: Students: The Purpose of Professional Practice 13 The Changing Student Population Anna M. Ortiz and Stephanie J. Waterman 14 Unfinished Business, Dirty Laundry, and Hope for Multicultural Campus Communities Jason A. Laker and Tracy L. Davis 15 Helping Students Prepare for Lives of Purpose Michele C. Murray and Robert J. Nash 16 Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation on College Campuses Joy Gaston Gayles, Tiffany J. Davis, and Mary Howard Hamilton 17 Supporting Students Online Anita Crawley and Andy Howe Part Four: Human Resources in Professional Practice 18 Organizational and Administrative Models Within Student Affairs Linda Kuk 19 Recruiting, Selecting, Supervising, and Retaining Staff Zebulun R. Davenport 20 Professional Development as Lifelong Learning Susan R. Komives and Stan Carpenter Part Five: Interpersonal Dynamics in Professional Practice 21 Supporting and Enhancing Student Learning Through Partnerships with Academic Colleagues Adrianna Kezar and Sean Gehrke 22 The Political Dimensions of Decision Making Shannon Ellis 23 Partnerships and Relationships: Internal and External to the College Penelope H. Wills 24 Valuing the Role of Conflict in Organization Enrichment Dale Nienow and Jeremy Stringer Part Six: Skills and Competencies of Professional Practice 25 Budgeting and Fiscal Management for Student Affairs Margaret J. Barr 26 Addressing Legal and Risk Management Issues John Wesley Lowery 27 Implementing Assessment to Improve Student Learning and Development Marilee Bresciani Ludvik 28 Raising Friends and Raising Funds David F. Wolf 29 Computer Mediated Communication and Social Media Kevin R. Guidry and Josie Ahlquist 30 Campus Crisis Management Gene L. Zdiarski, II Part Seven: Looking Back and Looking Forward in Professional Practice 31 Career Span: Changing Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities Margaret J. Barr and Arthur Sandeen 32 Difficult Discussion Shared With Good Friends George S. McClellan and Jeremy Stringer Index

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