Ecology and behaviour of the ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae)


Ecology and behaviour of the ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae)

edited by I. Hodek, H.F. van Emden and A. Honěk

Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

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Ladybirds are probably the best known predators of aphids and coccids in the world, though this greatly underestimates the diversity of their biology. Maximising their impact on their prey is an important element in modern conservation biological control of indigenous natural enemies in contrast to the classical approach of releasing alien species. Ivo Hodek is one of the most internationally respected experts on coccinellids who has researched these insects for his entire career. He has now brought together 14 scientists of international standing to author 12 chapters, making this book the definitive treatment of coccinellid biology and ecology. This volume covers the rapid scientific developments of recent years in the understanding of coccinellid phylogeny, the semiochemicals influencing their behaviour and of molecular genetics. Recent insights in relation to intraguild predation and the assessment of the predatory impact of coccinellids are also covered. Other special features of the volume are the extensive references covering the literature from both East and West and a taxonomic glossary of the up-to-date nomenclature for species of coccinellids as well as of other organisms mentioned in the text. While aimed at researchers, university teachers and agricultural entomologists, the book is readable and appropriate for others who just have a liking for these interesting and attractive insects.


Detailed contents, ix Contributors, xvii Preface, xviii Introduction, xix Taxonomic glossary, xx 1. PHYLOGENY AND CLASSIFICATION, 1 Oldrich Nedve!d and Ivo Kovar! 2. GENETIC STUDIES, 13 John J. Sloggett and Alois Hone!k 3. LIFE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT, 54 Oldrich Nedve!d and Alois Hone!k 4. DISTRIBUTION AND HABITATS, 110 Alois Hone!k 5. FOOD RELATIONSHIPS, 141 Ivo Hodek and Edward W. Evans 6. DIAPAUSE/DORMANCY, 275 Ivo Hodek 7. INTRAGUILD INTERACTIONS, 343 Eric Lucas 8. NATURAL ENEMIES OF LADYBIRD BEETLES, 375 Piotr Ceryngier, Helen E. Roy and Remy L. Poland 9. COCCINELLIDS AND SEMIOCHEMICALS, 444 Jan Pettersson 10. QUANTIFYING THE IMPACT OF COCCINELLIDS ON THEIR PREY, 465 J. P. Michaud and James D. Harwood 11. COCCINELLIDS IN BIOLOGICAL CONTROL, 488 J. P. Michaud 12. RECENT PROGRESS AND POSSIBLE FUTURE TRENDS IN THE STUDY OF COCCINELLIDAE, 520 Helmut F. van Emden and Ivo Hodek Appendix: List of Genera in Tribes and Subfamilies, 526 Oldrich Nedve!d and Ivo Kovar! Subject index, 532 Colour plate pages fall between pp. 250 and pp. 251

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