Mindfulness and performance


Mindfulness and performance

edited by Amy L. Baltzell

(Current perspectives in social and behavioral sciences)

Cambridge University Press, 2016

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Incorporating the theoretical conceptualizations of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ellen Langer, this volume illustrates how performers from a variety of disciplines - including sport, dance and music - can use mindfulness to achieve peak performance and improve personal well-being. Leading scholars in the field present cutting-edge research and outline their unique approach to mindfulness that is supported by both theory and practice. They provide an overview of current mindfulness-based manuals and programs used around the globe in countries such as the United States, China and Australia, exploring their effectiveness across cultures. Mindfulness and Performance will be a beneficial reference for practitioners, social and sport psychologists, coaches, athletes, teachers and students.


  • Part I. Introduction to Mindfulness: History and Theoretical Understanding: 1. Mindfulness scholarship and interventions: a review Itai Ivtzan and Rona Hart
  • 2. Mindfulness, emotion regulation, and performance Zella E. Moore
  • 3. Self-compassion, distress tolerance, and mindfulness in performance Amy L. Baltzell
  • 4. Flow and mindfulness in performance Susan Jackson
  • 5. Peak performance: Langerian mindfulness and flow Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Elizabeth Ward and Ellen J. Langer
  • 6. Langerian mindfulness and liminal performing spaces Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi
  • Part II. Formal Mindfulness Interventions in Sport: 7. Scientific advancements of mindfulness- and acceptance-based models in sport psychology: a decade in time, a seismic shift in philosophy and practice Frank L. Gardner
  • 8. Mindful sport performance enhancement (MPSE): development and application Keith A. Kaufman, Carol R. Glass and Tim R. Pineau
  • 9. Mindfulness training in elite athletes: mPEAK with BMX cyclists Lori Haase, Goran Kentta, Steven Hickman, Amy L. Baltzell and Martin Paulus
  • Part III. Mindfulness: Theory to Practice in Sport and Exercise: 10. Mindfulness and the Olympic athlete - a personal journey Peter Haberl
  • 11. Mindfulness training program for Chinese athletes and its effectiveness Gangyan Si, Cheuk-Hang Lo and Chunqing Zhang
  • 12. The mindful AFL player: engagement, mobile apps, and well-being Jo Mitchell and Craig Hassed
  • 13. Mindfulness and exercise Rebecca Sherlock-Shangraw and Vanessa Loverme Akhtar
  • 14. Mindfulness, eating, body, and performance Jessyca Arthur-Cameselle
  • Part IV. Mindfulness and the Performing Arts: 15. Langerian mindfulness and optimal performance Amy L. Baltzell and Trevor A. Cote
  • 16. Mindfulness and dancers Gene M. Moyle
  • 17. Attention, centering, and being mindful: medical specialties to the performing arts Patsy Tremayne and Ashlee Morgan
  • 18. Mindfulness in music Tim Patston
  • Part V. Mindfulness for Coaches, Practitioners, and Mentors: 19. Interpersonal mindfulness for athletic coaches and other performance professionals Joe Mannion and Mark Andersen
  • 20. Utilizing mindfulness strategies in mentoring and coaching socially vulnerable youth John McCarthy and Laura Hayden
  • 21. Awareness, self-awareness, and mindfulness: the application of theory to practice Burt Giges and Gerald Reid
  • Part VI. Future Directions: 22. The future of mindfulness and performance across disciplines Amy L. Baltzell and Josh Summers.

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