Resilience in childhood : perspectives, promise & practice


    • Joslyn, Erica


Resilience in childhood : perspectives, promise & practice

Erica Joslyn

Palgrave, 2016

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 182-202) and index



With an emphasis on promoting self-reliance, autonomy and independence, this exciting new book provides a contemporary and holistic analysis of the childhood resilience. It recognises 'resilience in childhood' as a complex construct, critically deconstructs it by drawing upon a wide range of academic disciplines and practices, and provides an account of the factors that help and hinder the development of resilience during childhood and adolescence. Part I unpacks definitions of resilience and its "construction" over the last 50 years. Part II examines psychological, sociological and neurobiological perspectives that contribute to our understanding of how childhood resilience can be developed and fostered. Part III explores strategies and approaches relating theory to current intervention practice and policy drivers. Application to professional practice within a multi-agency context is explored throughout.Importantly, this book seeks to develop the notion of 'the promise of resilience' and establish the bond between capabilities built up in childhood and the promise of a positive successful future. Efforts to foster and build effective skills that lead to resilience will result in long-lasting abilities to positively navigate through life's challenges and to become the key architect of one's own success in later life.


PART I: RESILIENCE: THE CONSTRUCT.- 1. Resilience An Introduction.- 2. Resilience: Research and Development.- PART II: KEY PERSPECTIVES.- 3. Building Blocks from Psychology.- 4. A Social Neurobiological Perspective.- 5. Significance of Ecological Environments.- PART III: PROMISE AND PRACTICE.- 6. Routes to Resilience.- 7. Resilience Early Years and Education.- 8. Educational Resilience in Schools.- 9. The Promise of Resilience.

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